Duda Melzer and his Transparent Leadership Style

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is well known in Brazil, and this is all because he has his hands tied in so many aspects of entertainment. He has earned his MBA from Harvard while in America, but he is much more widely known in Brazil. He has proven that he has the ability to successfully run Grupo RBS. This is a company that has a series out multimedia companies.

People that know of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer commonly call him Duda Melzer. He started in the way of financial and franchising matters, and he has continued to climb up the corporate ladder ever since. He has worked on some consulting projects with law firms like Booz Allen & Hamilton, and he has continued to build a solid career as the chairmen for e. Brick Digital.

Duda Melzer has shown that he has the ability to navigate a path to success in the business world. The Sirotsky name has been known in Brazil for many years because it was the grandfather of Duda Melzer that started the Grupo RBS business. He has been able to successfully take the reign as the CEO of this company because he has been groomed and prepped for the position at hand.

Down through the years Duda Melzer has made a lot of different improvements in business. He has even won various awards like the Merit in Administration and Cabore award for his work. It is evident that the Grupo RBS organization has continued to thrive under the leadership of Duda Melzer. This is a company that has a lot of subdivision businesses. He has shown people that he has the ability to create what he calls a transparent leadership style for this company. Melzer refuses to hide in an ivory tower while he makes decisions about the business.

Troy McQuagge Career at the Helm of USHealth Group, Inc

The respected One Planet Awards has named the Ft Worth, Texas based US Health Group, Inc CEO Mr. Troy McQuagge the CEO of the Year 2016. Prior to achieving this feat, Troy McQuagge had set out to transform the insurance and financial services firm immediately after joining the company in 2010. He began by turning around the US Health Advisors component. After a string of successes, it did not long for the company to appoint McQuagge the new US Health Group President and CEO in 2014. Under his leadership, US Health, the firm has witnessed remarkable growth in all areas of operations, and more crucially its individual health insurance subdivision.


The annual One Planet Awards honors business personalities and professionals from around the world who have performed exemplary work in their respective fields. The prestigious award attracts start ups, public and private and large and small scale enterprises. Commenting after receiving the award, Mr. McQuagge said he was greatly honored to be declared the Gold winner. He thanked the whole team at the US Health Group Inc for helping him and the company achieve the distinguished reward. McQuagge added that the company will continue to provide an innovative and affordable healthcare service that is in tune with customer needs. This report is written courtesy of an article published on PRWeb.com on January 10, 2017.


About Troy McQuagge

Mr. McQuagge is a high achieving CEO and President of US Health, Inc. According to a brief profile published on LinkedIn, McQuagge is a dynamic, self-motivated sales and insurance expert with 30 years experience. During his long enduring career, McQuagge has been highly adept at performing quick turnarounds and steering high growth companies to greater profitability. His other attributes include good communication skills and the ability to motivate and thrive in cross-cultural environments. At US Health Group, McQuagge is tasked with overseeing the company’s insurance and distribution portfolios. Under his leadership, the company has produced sound results for consecutive 3 years in respect to the overall growth and profitability.


Mr. McQuagge previously served as President of Agency Marketing at Healthmarket for close to years, from September 1996 to March 2008. According to an excerpt appearing on USHealthgroup.com, Mr. McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1983 with a Bachelors of Art Degree. From the start of his career at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983 to the pinnacle of his success at US Health Group, McQuagge has earned numerous awards and recognitions. The 2016 lists include the Gold Award from Golden Bridge Awards for Accounting, Banking, Financial and Insurance of the year, Gold Award from CEO Worlds Awards for becoming the CEO of the Year along with the Silver Stevie Award for Sales Growth Achievement.


EOS Lip Balm Flavors for You

There are a lot of different lip balms you can get for your needs. You might be looking for a certain flavor, but are not sure what one is goign to be the best for you. The good thing is there are a lot of different ones for you to pick from.

Organic Lip Balms

EOS has a line of Organic lip balms that they also sell. These lip balms are almost all a sweet flavor of lip balm. The flavors range from Strawberry to Mango. There is also a mint flavor that you can choose too. These are Gluten free and are better for your lips than some others on the market today.

Visibly Soft

This EOS lip balm line is a special line that helps your lips to get the moisture that you need in your lip balms. The flavors are similar to the other lines, but they have that bit of extra that helps them to stand out.

Picking a Flavor

There are several ways you can choose a flavor for your lip balm. The biggest way is to find a flavor you may have already had that you love and see if it’s in the EOS line. If they have something similar, then you can get it in this brand. You also may want to think about the flavors you like so you can find something that you really like for your lip balm.

Ther are a lot of options to look though when looking at lip balms. You only have ot find the one that is going to work for you and the needs you have. The last thing you want is to have a lip balm that is going to be gross or that you don’t use. That is why it’s important to try them out and find a good one.

EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of stores such as Walmart, Walgreens and Target. The products are also available online via Amazon, eBay, Ulta and may more websites.

EOS website: https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/

Same More Money On Inmate Calling Features Versus Competitor Companies

There are a number of people across the country that can appreciate the benefits of being a Securus Technologies customer. On average, they allow their customers to save 36% on the telephone expenses associated with inmate calls. Ironically, they have combined advanced technological features that have caused their services to be chosen $4 to $1 over competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. Customers know what kind of features they need to stay connected to their loved ones and Securus Technologies is there to respond with cost effective features and award winning customer service. You won’t miss a moment with your loved ones with Securus Technologies.


Securus Technology Features


Inmate Voicemail


Have you ever thought of leaving your loved one in a correctional facility a message? Maybe you don’t have much to say, but you want to leave them a message. Family members now have the option of leaving their loved ones a message for them to retrieve at their leisure. Even their legal counsel can leave them a message concerning their next court appearance. Inmates can now retrieve messages and never have to miss a thing. Try the inmate voicemail feature today.


Why Choose Securus?


PRN Newswire has called Securus Technologies one of the largest network providers in the industry. They have teamed up with video giant Vimeo to bring their customers a remarkable high definition video that allows them to chat with their friends and loved ones. You get complete control of the sound with the click of a few buttons. They allow inmates to put their loved ones and legal counsel on their visiting list and visit on those special holidays like Christmas. You never have to commute to a correctional facility again with the benefit of remote video chat features from Securus Technologies.


Helping Clients Retire in Style: Martin Lustgarten International Investment Guru

During the great recession, Lustgarten saw many people who were close to retirement age losing the wealth it took them a lifetime to build. He knew that for these people retirement prospects just went away, probably for good. Martin saw the need and reasoned that with his investment experience he could help them regain their dream of a quality life when they decided to stop working.

The most important factor of Martin’s investment strategy comes from his international experience in investment banking. He was born in Florida, and still resides there, but also holds citizenship in Australia and Venezuela.

Because of his multiple citizenships, Lustgarten has developed many close relationships in the global banking industry. These contacts allow him to find and act on the best investment deals all over the world based on current market conditions. He can also react quickly to changes in those conditions and has a documented knack for spotting trends ahead of the curve.

Although all investment advisors at every level guide their clients to diversify and invest wisely, Martin Lustgarten understands how to make that happen and ensure that his investors reap the benefits. He has developed a renowned reputation for making his clients a lot of money and managing their associated risks.

Clearly, Martin Lustgarten has a passion for investment banking, but he has interests beyond being CEO of Lustgarten Investments. He confesses to a love for all things vintage and seems especially fond of collecting watches.

Martin began his collection about finding success in trading and finance. He made a conscious effort to learn all he could about the world of vintage watches. He attended trade fairs around the world and was always in search of his next great watch find. Lustgarten is also interested in music, art, and photography.

The Wikipedia Page for the U.S. President Gets Edited More than 8 Times before the Official Inauguration

The president of the U.S., Mr. Donald Trump, was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Immediately after he was officially declared the 45th President of the U.S., all the official presidential social media accounts were edited to recognize him as head of state. Before his inauguration, Wikipedia editors had trouble deciding on the correct changes to make on the Wikipedia page for the U.S. President. They seemed undecided on whether to name Trump as the president-elect or Barrack Obama as the current head of the nation.

On the morning of the inauguration, Trump supporters claimed that the page should be edited to name Trump as the 45th president. Another group of editors argued that Obama was to remain the president until noon when Trump takes the oath of office. The page was edited over eight times before Trump took over as the president.

What are the benefits of hiring Get Your Wiki’s editors to create your Wikipedia Page?

Get Your Wiki is run by officials who are skilled in creating, managing, and editing of clients’ Wikipedia pages. These editors can create pages for individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes and kinds. Get Your Wiki’s experienced editors evaluate content posted on their client’s page to ascertain if it adheres to Wikipedia’s style of writing. Additionally, they ensure that there are sources and references to back up the information on the page.

Since Wikipedia is unquestionably the most visited site in the world, a Wikipedia page is a resourceful online marketing tool. The online encyclopedia requires regular monitoring since it is an open-source site and anyone can edit it. Therefore, Get Your Wiki’s editorial team has come up with strategies to ensure that they get hold of all edited information before changes reflect on their clients’ page. Additionally, Get Your Wiki has professional translators that can translate a page to any language.

How to create a Wikipedia page

1. Find out if your business is popular

Carry out some Google searches and establish if there are any articles or information concerning your company or business.

2. Create a Wikipedia account

Visit the Wikipedia website and click on the create account link positioned on the upper right corner of the site. Pick your username and password, and then click the “create account” icon.

3. Research for the content

Conduct intensive online research about the content you want to include on your page. If you are creating the page for your business, gather as much information as possible about your business by visiting news media, websites, and opinion blogs.

4. Create the Wiki post or page

When you have assembled all the information required, you can then proceed to create a Wikipedia page.

Dherbs.com Promotes All Natural Cleanse and Regimen Products

Dherbs.com is a company focused on natural healing properties that can enhance the immune system, detoxify the body, aide in necessary weight release, and even help to increase energy levels. They have a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites to spread the word about their products. Their products are an excellent alternative for an all-natural solution to boost mood, improve your immune system, and even help with weight loss.

What Are Some of Their Most Highly Recommended Products?


According to their Amazon page, Dherbs.com have a variety of products available to help with every aspect of your life. One of their best products is their full body cleanse that cleanses the body over a twenty-day period. EarthlyBodies wrote that the Dherbs.com twenty-day program strengthens, rejuvenates, and detoxifies the body.


The program allows people to participate in a full body clean so they can feel rejuvenated and improve their mood. Full Body Cleanse is safe and effective and completely herbal based, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals entering your body during the cleansing process.  That’s a part of what makes the Dherbs.com cleanse perfect for vegans.


Using this product will ensure your body is able to function at its optimal level. When your body is operating at full peak efficiency it will help you to stay mentally and physically fit. People who have used this product have notes it helps them to achieve better digestion, increased metabolism, and even an increase in energy.


Why a Full Body Cleanse?


Throughout the day the human body is exposed to infection agents, pollutants, and toxins. Avoiding these harmful substances is impossible in today’s world since they can be collected from just about anywhere. These substances can enter or come in contact with the body through air pollution, processed foods, airborne pathogens, household cleaning supplies, smoke, and even unfiltered water.


The cleanse helps to reduce the number of these toxins in the body and purge them from other bodily systems. In a metaphorical sense, you’ll be able to wipe your body clean and start over feeling cleaner and healthier than you have before. The Full Body Cleanse from Dherbs.com is an excellent idea for people who wish to wash out the foreign substances that tend to collect in their body.


When you need to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your health, one of the best steps that you can take is reaching out to a company that has some of the best products around. In this aspect, Dherbs.com has a lot of different things that you will be able to try out. A cleanse is a type of regimen in which you take some food supplements or products on a regular basis, so that you can detoxify your body and make sure that you are able to keep your body healthy and strong.


If this is something that you want to keep in mind for the betterment of your health, read below and consider this information to make the most out of your cleanse.


What makes this cleanse special?


Most Yelp reviews imply that Dherbs.com cleanse is so special because it is absolutely vegan. What this means is that you don’t have to deal with any sort of dairy products or any other things that might make it difficult for you to get the results that you need. This company is excellent in terms of the products that they provide people looking to meet their health goals.


What kinds of products do they offer?


They have a lot of different products, including a breastfeeding tea, a weight loss formula and a ginseng formula. This provides you the opportunity to meet all of your goals, while enjoying a body that is purified, energized and able to power you for the rest of your life.


What are people saying about the products?


Customers who have used these products always talk about the excellent results that they have received. People have said things like they have lost 30 pounds by using this product alone! Others talk about the ways that it boosts their system and gives them healthy energy, clear headedness and focus that they have never experienced before. Because of this, you will be in a great position to purchase some of these products and will have the opportunity to acquire everything that you are looking for.


While Dherbs.com has many social media pages, the best to reach them at, and for up to date news is their Facebook which can be found here:



Duda Melzer: Oil Baron


The country of Brazil has experienced a lot of economic growth in recent years. This growth has mostly come from the oil and gas industry. Although this is not a bad thing, that industry has had a lot of issues recently. Anyone who has ever worked in the industry knows that it can have supply and demand issues from time to time. The biggest issue for companies is that they are highly leveraged in order to have the capital needs required to get ahead. This works as long as the price of oil stays above a certain level. However, if the price of oil drops, this is something that everyone has to deal with. Duda Melzer has done a great job of rising through the ranks to become the leader of one of the largest oil companies in the entire country.

There are few people who achieve success on the level of Duda Melzer. Despite having a lot of things go against him in life, he has done a great job of working with what he has to make things happen. Duda Melzer is passionate about his industry, and he knows the value that his company brings to his country. He wants to see Brazil as one of the largest and most respected nations in the world. Through his work, he has done a really good job of making things better. Anyone who wants to work with him needs to realize that he has a great work ethic. Building up a company from the ground up takes a lot of hard work. It is this work ethic that allowed him to become President of one of the largest oil funds in the entire world. In the future, he plans to continue to work in the industry and help his country.

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Bernardo Chua: Rising From Small-Time to Big-Time

Bernardo Chua, as identified by Facebook, born and raised in the Philippines went from being a small-time employee to big-time becoming a Global Entrepreneur. He founded Organo Gold in 2008 a start-up company having only three employees, now a multi-million dollar industry in more than 35 countries consisting of thousands of employees and independent distributors.

Bernardo worked for Gano Excel located in the Phillippines before starting his company and relocated to California to oversee Gano USA.

Gano Excel used ganoderma lucidium herb in the products it produced, and Bernardo Chua knew all too well about the health benefits of this herb. His vision was to use this product in beverages like coffee and tea making them a healthy alternative improving lives with greater wellness, balance, and prosperity.

Bernardo has won many awards and has been chosen as the Direct Sales company Executive of the year five times. He received the Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014 and won 2 more in January 2015.

The Dangal ng Bayan Awards recognize high-quality Filipino products and business professionals who motivate other Filipinos to succeed in business.

Organo Gold also won 2 People’s Choice Awards for Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number One Global Network Marketing Company. The People’s Choice Awards get awarded to exceptional business people in a variety of professional fields and products for consumers.

Bernardo believes in helping others achieve success and sponsors the OG Cares Foundation enriching the lives of young men and women worldwide. The speeches and mentoring he provides teach today’s generation that they can be tomorrow’s success with hard work, determination, and keen business sense.

JustFab and Fabletics Build Strong Audience

One look at a funny Fabletics video, and people will find themselves on Google searching for this brand. That is what the co-founder, Kate Hudson, had in mind. She wanted to create a brand that a lot of people would take interest in. She was trying to build a fun workout fashion line that would appeal to people from different walks of life. It was also the actress in Hudson that allowed people to see the comedic side of her personality shine through in the Fabletics clothing line.

The JustFab connected with Fabletics and the connection is perfect for people that want to do all of their shopping in one place. The JustFab site has fabulous clothes and shoes that can appeal to women that want the best style. There are obviously a lot of women that are going to gravitate towards the Bellina and the Audranne flats. These are very popular shoes that are lot of women wear for out for a casual day. At the other end of the spectrum there are also people that shop on the JustFab website that are fans of the Lexie pumps. This is one of the top sellers on this website. These are great selections for adults, but many teenagers may take interest in the Morina or Carmella sneakers.

A lot of women are impressed with the JustFab website because the shoes and clothes are stylish, but these garments are also reasonably priced. Kate Hudson knew that this was something to consider when her Fabletics company got connected to JustFab. Hudson wanted to bring style and affordability to an intersection in the gym wear clothing arena. That is why she chose to make the clothes that were within reasonable prices when she started working on Fabletics. When people hit the website they will instantly see that they can get their first Fabletics outfit for $25. This is why many people make the decision to sign up for the subscription. They know that they are getting quality at a reasonable price on mallofamerica.com. With the subscription service they can get the quality every month automatically. This allows them to build a diverse workout wardrobe quickly.

Fabletics also has become one of those companies that has a lot of cute clothes that women will love. The new active wear live has interesting patterns. People that want to get a glimpse this can check the website and see this along with other yoga pants, leggings and running clothes.

This is the company that is becoming very well-known as the go-to brand for the workout crowd. There are a lot of brick-and-mortar stores on the way, and this will introduce even more people to the Fabletics workout brand at https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/.