How did Avaaz become the world’s largest online activist network

When you hear about activist networks, chances are the name Avaaz is the one that is first and foremost in your mind. After all, it is known by many as the world’s largest online activist network.

How did Avaaz become so large?

With hard work and an insistence on running its campaigns in a particular manner.

Why does Avaaz run its campaigns the way it does? — When it was founded in 2007, its founding president Ricken Patel had a background in negotiation, election monitoring, crisis conflict and a Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard University.

Patel had also learned how to promote activism online during his volunteer work with U.S. public policy advocacy group

All this meant that, by the time Patel came to found Avaaz, he was already an expert in motivating people to act for positive social change and knew how to use the Internet to do so.

How does Avaaz run its campaigns?Avaaz started out as primarily a petition organization, but quickly evolved into being an activist organization with a presence in 194 countries on all six continents, and with all of its work being translated into 17 languages.

Once a campaign is started, an online petition is the first thing to appear on the Avaaz website and members are encouraged to sign it.

Soon after, phone campaigns directed at local, national and international governmental officials are begun, along with the organization of offline protests if necessary.

Avaaz also kicks off a media campaign to alert the news media about what is happening.

All of this consistency means members know what to expect, and so can easily participate, the news media knows they will get the information they need and Avaaz staff know how to always run a campaign consistently.

This in turn helps the organization become extremely effective in what it does, and also creates respect from the people it is targeting.

After all, when an online Avaaz petition can generate over a million signatures in just a few days, even elected officials tend to take notice.

Arthur Becker: The Artist and the Real Estate Mogul

Arthur Becker is something of an unknown force in the real estate world of New York City. For years he has been the quiet investor behind some of New York’s more popular development projects. Now Becker is stepping outside of the shadows in order to bring his own name and brand recognition to the forefront. Becker recently purchased the development at 465 Washington Street and his goal is to make it an eight unit condo that embodies both upscale luxury and artistic passion. Now is as good of a time as ever to relive some of Becker’s career choices in order to see just what brought him to this moment. More details can be found on

When you think of the name Arthur Becker you might go straight to his work in the real estate market, but that would be skipping over quite a bit of Becker’s career. Instead you should start with the tech world. Specifically, Becker was a stockbroker in the early 2000’s and he made all of the right choices when it came to investing in growing tech companies. That was where his first fortune came but it wasn’t where he would really make his name. Becker didn’t rest on his success and instead opted to move forward in as many different fields as he possibly could.

According to NY Daily News, Becker played his part as an inventor (the ill-fated Bnox binoculars) and and investor (a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii turned massive profit) as he sought to find where he wanted to go with his career. Becker found numerous levels of success along the way but all throughout the one constant seemed to be his affinity for creating. Becker is an artist at heart and that has always been at the forefront of his work. Becker is a painter, a designer and an inventor. He’s created origami statues made out of currency that sell like hot cakes. He collects artwork and adorns his real estate office with it in an attached studio. In short, it seems like Becker is determined to do things his own way as long as he gets to create along the way.

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JeanMarie Guenot: Taking a Look at the Life

JeanMarie Guenot is currently the CEO and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. The Company has been in operation since July 2013 and has its base in San Francisco, California. It is a preclinical stage company with a mission to eradicate blood cancers using breakthrough therapies that draw strength from the human immune system in a bid to destroy tumor cells and everything that aids their growth. The goal is to restore cellular balance necessary for sufficient blood formation, proper blood function and free-following blood circulation on In other word, the company is overwhelmed with giving hope to patients suffering from life threatening illnesses by restoring the flow of life.

Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot is not a new face in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry having been in it for over 20 years. She has experience in virtually all stages of companies, whether public or private, whether pharmaceutical R&D or corporate & commercial development, and whether business development, project & alliance management or venture capital. Aside interest, she also has expertise in setting up companies and rebuilding those ones in comatose.

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Before taking up her current role in Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. JeanMarie Guenot was in charge of SKS Ocular, a company she founded and built. SKS is a start-up ophthalmic company that focuses on sustained release ocular drug delivery technologies, dry AMD and therapeutics for macular degeneration, ocular inflammation and glaucoma. The likes of Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel and Shanghai engaged her as a business adviser. She led mergers, licensing, commercial product portfolios, acquisitions and alliance management for PDL’s R&D while she was vice president in charge of Corporate & Business Development at PDL BioPharma.

JeanMarie Guenot holds a PhD from the University of California, San Francisco and a MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She has extensive experience in the areas of autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurology, ophthalmic diseases and oncology.

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Bruno Fagali Is An Experienced Brazilian Attorney

Are you an entrepreneur or company executive in Brazil? Looking for one of the most reputable and experienced attorneys to represent or advise you on a legal matter? Perhaps you already are aware that Bruno Fagali comes highly recommended.

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Bruno Fagali has clients from all walks of life and he works hard to meet their needs. He has acces to top talent and resources that enable him to render services cost effectively. Bruno Fagali handles cases involving Regulatory Law, Urban Law and other related areas.

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Numerous businesses, individuals, establishments and organizations turn to Bruno Fagali for the best possible outcome in their legal matter. Bruno Fagali is a seasoned attorney who is passionate about rendering reliable and efficient legal solutions to each and every client he represents.


The Quest to Find my EOS Everyday Lip Balm

I am a recent convert to EOS’ lip balms and now swear by the brand. After a couple of allergic outbreaks due to the harmful chemicals in many competing lip balms, I truly appreciate the all-natural and organic composition of EOS’ lip balm.


Besides my lip sensitivity, I also am a bit picky when it comes to flavorings of all things, not just lip balms. It takes me a long time to find products that I like but once I do I am very loyal to them. Specifically, I hate products that taste, smell, or feel artificial which is why iI really appreciate EOS’ commitment to natural ingredients sourced from high quality ingredients. I read the labels of products I use, including my lip balm, and check for artificial ingredients and came away impressed at the ingredients in EOS’ balm. Click for more.


The Flavors

There are so many different flavors out there and many of them sound really yummy so I started by buying three that I thought I would be interested in and from there. I started with vanilla mint, pomegranate raspberry, and blueberry acai. The vanilla mint didn’t taste fake like many mint flavored lip balms and I would certainly use it in a pinch, but it wasn’t my favorite lip balm. Rather it is a flavor I would like applying in the mornings when I am in need of a perk me up. Look here.


Blueberry acai and pomegranate raspberry were more my cup of tea, and I enjoyed both flavors. They were subtle and not overpowering, but very flavorful and reminiscent of fresh raspberries and blueberries in my garden. While I enjoyed both, my heart was truly for the blueberry acai EOS lip balm as it had a more nuanced and deep flavor than anything I previously tried before in a lip balm. It was an truly incredibly experience and my new favorite lip balm, see


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EOS-The Hard Part is Picking Your Favorite Flavor

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, lip balms are an entirely new way to nourish your lips. Known for its unique orb shape, EOS has broken the mold of the generic tube of lip balm that in the past was one of your few options to reach for. EOS lip care products are natural and organic and will leave your lips feeling pampered. The orbs have an easy to twist-off top and they smooth on clear while gliding onto your lips. The hard part is picking your favorite flavor. EOS lip balms are rich with vitamins like vitamin A, C, and E, and natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, and Shea Butter to give you long lasting moisture.

Depending on what you want, EOS offers not only orbs to hold your delicious lip balm, but also sticks. You can get EOS lip balm in the traditional Organic Smooth Orbs, in Visibly Soft, or if you’re after some glam, the Shimmer Smooth orbs. If you prefer your lip balm to be in a tube, then you can get EOS lip balm in Organic Smooth Sticks.  Try clicking for for info.

The Organic Smooth orbs come in Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, and Honeysuckle Honeydew flavors. The Visibly Soft orbs come in Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, and Blackberry Nectar, has additional details for you. You can get the Shimmer Smooth orbs in either Pearl, which will moisturize your lips with just a hint of shimmer, or in Sheer Pink, which will add a hint of color. The EOS Organic Smooth Sticks come in Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet Mint flavors and are just as luxurious as the orbs.

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So if your lips are ready to get the royal treatment, then Evolution of Smooth is for you. More of EOS on  Feel good about the products you use and go with EOS.

EOS Co-founder Explains Its Success

The lip balm world has been saturated for decades. Currently, there are hundreds of companies that sell lip balm, including giants Chapstick, Burt’s Bees and Blistex. EOS ( did something that was unheard of and entered a market that was already saturated and flourished. The co-founder has finally taken the time to explain to the customers something about the brand and how it came to be one of the companies that put Chapstick on its behind.

Sanjiv Mehra used a strategy that thrived on connecting emotionally with the user. By creating an emotional connection, the company offered customers much more than they were receiving from other providers. Large, successful companies often have a difficult time aligning with the customers on a personal level. EOS lip balms change the game on that by making their new product about the personal needs of the consumers. Mehra also appealed to the user’s senses. The manufacturers made sure that they created products that tickled pleasure buttons in the areas of smell, sight and feel. Consumers got an Amazon product that was fun and addicting to use. People started flocking to the orb-shaped items, and today many people buy them religiously.

Nowadays EOS is on the top of the ranks on Amazon in lip balm, and it has the attention of not only the big-name celebrities but also many of its competitors. Blistex had no shame in creating a spherical container for its products. Other companies have done the same since they saw EOS’ success. Even with all the other entities jumping on the bandwagon, EOS is still rocking the sales. The company currently makes at least a million sales of its lip balm items each week. The strategy that Mehra had seemed to really work. In fact, it worked so well that the company projects billions of dollars in sales by 2020.

Look At Those Lips

I have tried many lip balms and none can compare to EOS. EOS- Evolution Of Smooth always gets the best reviews over any other. Founder Craig Dubinsky sells his products with ease throughout the United States and Canada to name a few places. His many many flavors are organic enriched with jojoba oils,shea butter and vitamins. EOS lip balm is affordable and will not break your budget. These round beauties have many tastes to fit anyone’s mood. For instance, one terrific flavor is Pomegranate Raspberry. The flavor is as it sounds. The sphere it comes in is a raspberry color with a twist cap. It has to flat edges, one for your finger and the other to set it down. It will never roll away from you. It is simple to find in your purse.  Check this on

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Strawberry Sorbet is another fabulous fruity flavor. It quenches your lips on that hot summer day. Any day of the year is perfect for this flavor. Strawberry is sweet as ever. It comes in a cute pastel pink package. The EOS lip balm is shimmery and clear. The scent along with flavor is long lasting and penetrates your lips, go straight to this! Damaged and dry lips will heal and feel moist once again with this product. You wont have to worry about not being able to find it in your purse when your on the go. Best of all, there is no chemicals in them. This means there is no chemical aftertaste. EOS lip balm is a must have for any list and any occasion.


Top Finance Firm Executive

Recently, the top investor Warrant Buffet has made a bet of one million dollars that he can get better investment returns then the top hedge fund managers. Due to this experience and track record, it is likely that he will easily win the bet.

Another reason why Warren Buffett is likely to win this bet is because hedge funds are mediocre in terms of quality and are quite expensive. Buffett suggests that people use his approach to investing which consists of analyzing various companies and investing in ones that will provide steady returns. Since most people will now be in charge of their own retirement, they will need to follow Buffet’s advice in order to secure their financial future.

One of the top financial professionals around is Timothy Armour of Capital Group. He is currently the chief executive officer and chairman of the company. Armour is a portfolio manager who has spent over three decades analyzing and managing investment options. With his expertise, Tim has been able to establish himself as one of the leading experts on financial management and investing. Read more on

When Tim first began his career, he started out as an associate. This gave him the opportunity to learn the financial securities industry and how firms operate. After a few years, Tim would advance and eventually get a position as an analyst. This enabled him to evaluate various financial securities and gain even more knowledge on how investment options benefit people and institutions. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. His major was economics which gave him a good foundation of knowledge for his finance career.

Susan McGalla Advises Women on Entrepreneurship

Susan McGalla is an American based businesswoman. She is the chief merchandising officer at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan is also an executive consultant. She sits at the HFF Inc. board of directors, a company that provides real estate services. McGalla extends a hand of philanthropy through Magee Women Hospital Research Institute Foundation. Over the years, she has actively participated in community development activities. Today, she contributes on issues regarding community development through Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Check

According to, her career in management began in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company. She gained experience by working in several managerial positions in the company until 1994. Later, she moved to American Eagle Outfitters. In this institution, she took the role of divisional merchandise buyer for ladies clothes. She worked her way up through several managerial positions to become the president of the company’s flagship brand. Later, she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the entire business. During her tenure as president, she oversaw the launch of 77 kids’ brands. In early 2011, McGalla left the company to start her consultant business. Her private consultant practice offers services to retail and investment companies. Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and serves as the vice president at Pittsburgh Steelers in their business strategy and creative development section.

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On several occasions, she has spoken on her views and advice on women seeking to get ahead in business. On the web, there is a flood of information that has however become generic. Among all the women she speaks to, most of them are usually searching for authentic advice that is applicable. According to McGalla, the most factual information she offers is her story. She says her father taught her to present her ideas regardless of the audience. Despite the originality and strength of an idea, the degree of confidence during its presentation matters a lot. Additionally, McGalla says that being comfortable among all genders is instrumental to success.

Learn more about McGalla, click