EOS Lip Balm’s Top Notch Quality Flavors

EOS Lip Balm products are filled with everything your lips need to shine beautifully. Everything they have is full of organic ingredients, 100 percent natural, paragon and petrolatum free, and all the antioxidant-rich vitamin E. They strive to provide a soothing lip balm that just brushes across your lips beautifully and cleanly. The soothing Shea butter and jojoba oils also help add what the balms need to give off that moist and soft touch.

Their lip balms always provide long lasting moisture, gluten-free ingredients, and beautifully glides across the lips effortlessly. There are so many different types of spheres and products available that could provide you with what you want for that top of the line perfect smooth lips.

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Blended Summer Fruit is a favorite among many people because it smells like summer and gives off a fresh scent to the lips. It’s easy to the nose because it’s not a strong smell. It also feels good on the lips and provides a genuine clean taste. Passion Fruit is another flavor that gives off that natural tropical taste to the lips. Beautifully crafts your lips and provides a real taste perfect for when you’re on the go and headed to the beach.

EOS Lip Balm was founded by Craig Dubitsky. He wanted to find a market that needed something different, and this is exactly what would be perfect for him. In this industry, many people want nice lips but don’t want to spend a fortune on quality chapstick. EOS gives off quality moisturizing lip balms. Even celebrities are caught on the go using them in their bags. With millions of followers on both Instagram and Facebook, it’s very clear that EOS lip balm is very well respected and has a loyal fan base because of their quality in products and genuine new lip balms available.  For added Info, click on target.com.

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