Product Recognition Software Arrives To Enthusiasm


Consumers are always trying to find the perfect item. Doing so is not always easy when text descriptions provide little to go on besides marketing-oriented prose. Visual images are a much better way of gauging interest in a product. Unfortunately, running a search on the internet relies on being at the mercy of keywords and text. Consumers have to type what they are looking for – in a manner as best they can – and hope the search results reveal what they seek. Is there not a better way to find products online?

Thanks to innovative companies such as Toronto’s Slyce, a new means of  search has arrived. Product recognition software allows consumers to run a search of an actual image. Doing so may end up being the far better way to locate a desired retail merchandise item than struggling to come up with a text description and running it through the search engines.

Image searches are exactly what they sound like. A photo or other form of captured image is run through a search box. A selection of images that match the initial image are then listed in the results. For consumers, this can be exceptionally helpful if they are looking for retail merchandise. Someone who wants to buy a purse simply has to run a photo of the purse. In addition to seeking out exact matches, similar matches based on the image will be revealed as well.

Consumers and retailers can rejoice at the various matching images. If the number one or number two matching choice is not available, a series of other choices are available for the choosing. Customers don’t like to end up empty-handed. Retailers and other sellers don’t want them to end up empty-handed either.

Slyce has revealed that the retail companies it works with reports increased buying from customers. One reason for this is because customers are presented with more visual choices. The visual depictions aid in making choices of merchandise beyond their first one.

Slyce has signed deals with a number of top online retailers. Fortune 500 companies are among those in which Slyce has signed those agreements with. Clearly, the company’s product recognition program is meeting customer and retailer expectations.

Visual recognition software is growing in popularity because, quite honestly, it is an outstanding concept. Shopping becomes easier and more fun thanks to these programs. Slyce definitely has done a great job of advancing this type of software.