Arthur Becker: The Artist and the Real Estate Mogul

Arthur Becker is something of an unknown force in the real estate world of New York City. For years he has been the quiet investor behind some of New York’s more popular development projects. Now Becker is stepping outside of the shadows in order to bring his own name and brand recognition to the forefront. Becker recently purchased the development at 465 Washington Street and his goal is to make it an eight unit condo that embodies both upscale luxury and artistic passion. Now is as good of a time as ever to relive some of Becker’s career choices in order to see just what brought him to this moment. More details can be found on

When you think of the name Arthur Becker you might go straight to his work in the real estate market, but that would be skipping over quite a bit of Becker’s career. Instead you should start with the tech world. Specifically, Becker was a stockbroker in the early 2000’s and he made all of the right choices when it came to investing in growing tech companies. That was where his first fortune came but it wasn’t where he would really make his name. Becker didn’t rest on his success and instead opted to move forward in as many different fields as he possibly could.

According to NY Daily News, Becker played his part as an inventor (the ill-fated Bnox binoculars) and and investor (a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii turned massive profit) as he sought to find where he wanted to go with his career. Becker found numerous levels of success along the way but all throughout the one constant seemed to be his affinity for creating. Becker is an artist at heart and that has always been at the forefront of his work. Becker is a painter, a designer and an inventor. He’s created origami statues made out of currency that sell like hot cakes. He collects artwork and adorns his real estate office with it in an attached studio. In short, it seems like Becker is determined to do things his own way as long as he gets to create along the way.

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