You Deserve to Have the Best, Orange Juice and Paper Towels Included


When you wake up in the morning nothing goes better with a hearty breakfast than a cool, delicious glass of orange juice. Second only to coffee as the breakfast beverage of choice, orange juice is an American classic for a reason! If you are looking for the best orange juice, look no further than a carton of Florida’s Natural, which is one of the best orange juice brands, rated among the best available juices in Good Housekeeping. If you want something a little bit less full than the Florida’s Natural brand you can’t go wrong with a jug of Simply Orange to find a perfect balance of tart and sweet.


But alas, what do you do when your juice tips over, leaving your table a wet, sticky mess? According to Consumer Reports about paper towel brands, you want to have a roll of Bounty DuraTowel at the ready to clean up any spills or messes. In fact, Consumer Reports states that the Bounty brand simply blows every other paper towel away, with their Bounty Extra Soft and Bounty Giant products coming in second and third in their rankings. Top of the line in every category from absorbency to strength, Bounty is clearly the company to beat in the quest for a perfect paper towel.