Securus Releases Comprehensive Wrongdoing Articles

I first heard about the security, mishandled charges, and bad practices that Securus planned on revealing in a comprehensive series of articles in the community. Global Tel Link, known as GLT, has been the focus of many business complaints, and industry investigations over the last several months, following business information that came to light. The PR Newswire released reports from Securus talked about many business practices that were unethical at best, and caused many customers to pay fees and costs much higher than they were informed of, or for services they did not receive.
In the initial reports that were released, Securus America, as an A+ accredited company by the BBB, outlined dozens of issues to be analyzed in the numerous reports. All of the business practices that are being called into question have to do with the telecom services that have been provided to individuals residing in correctional facilities and their friends and family. In many cases, the services that individuals have been shortened, or overcharged, have not been clearly outlined for clients. Each of the service discrepancies has been outlined in extreme detail for consumers and regulators to scrutinize.

Securus was able to organize and release this report following several internal reports and auditing that was performed following reports. Most users become aware of the issues after paying in full for services that they believed they were paying for, only to later find out they had been overcharged. These wrongdoing articles are going to help change the practices that are used going forward, and to ensure that GLT provides all the services that customers have paid for in good faith. All of the press releases and articles detailing the wrongdoing will be released within six months of the initial report being submitted to the press for public release and publishing. GLT said it is working to correct each of the practices that have been outlined in the reports.

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