Desiree Perez Helps Build Better Relationships with Artists Through Tidal

Music streaming is becoming the most popular thing in the music world. Fewer people are buying compact disc because fewer cars are coming equipped with compact disc players. Jay-Z appeared to be someone that recognized this early and he decided to hop into the business of music streaming.

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Jay-Z has practically built his career by collaborating with other producers that had hot beats and things would not be different when he decided to go into music streaming. He made a decision to collaborate with someone that knew how to handle business contracts and help his company get to a better place. This person is Desiree Perez. She is the wife of Juan Perez, and Jay-Z has known her for many years. In fact, Jay-Z has recruited Desiree Perez in the past to help with contract negotiations because she has experience in doing this.  Hit on .


Desiree Perez has always known how to get herself out of a tight spot and elevate to another place even when she has been the underdog. Her life is marked by this spirit of a champion type attitude, and it shows in the work that she is done with She is a number cruncher that knows the possibilities that lie in the right contract negotiations. Many people fail to connect the dots, but Desiree Perez knows that it is all about the negotiations that happen up front. So many people will try to make money down the line and renegotiate contracts, but it is often too late. When it comes to music streaming it definitely makes much more sense to get the right contract in place up front. Desiree Perez knows this, and that is what she has done for the artists that provide the exclusive material. She gets their contracts in order from the beginning.

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