Helping Clients Retire in Style: Martin Lustgarten International Investment Guru

During the great recession, Lustgarten saw many people who were close to retirement age losing the wealth it took them a lifetime to build. He knew that for these people retirement prospects just went away, probably for good. Martin saw the need and reasoned that with his investment experience he could help them regain their dream of a quality life when they decided to stop working.

The most important factor of Martin’s investment strategy comes from his international experience in investment banking. He was born in Florida, and still resides there, but also holds citizenship in Australia and Venezuela.

Because of his multiple citizenships, Lustgarten has developed many close relationships in the global banking industry. These contacts allow him to find and act on the best investment deals all over the world based on current market conditions. He can also react quickly to changes in those conditions and has a documented knack for spotting trends ahead of the curve.

Although all investment advisors at every level guide their clients to diversify and invest wisely, Martin Lustgarten understands how to make that happen and ensure that his investors reap the benefits. He has developed a renowned reputation for making his clients a lot of money and managing their associated risks.

Clearly, Martin Lustgarten has a passion for investment banking, but he has interests beyond being CEO of Lustgarten Investments. He confesses to a love for all things vintage and seems especially fond of collecting watches.

Martin began his collection about finding success in trading and finance. He made a conscious effort to learn all he could about the world of vintage watches. He attended trade fairs around the world and was always in search of his next great watch find. Lustgarten is also interested in music, art, and photography.