Securus Systems are being praised for their Criminal Catching Benefit

Securus is a communications system that is used inside of many correctional facilities. One great thing about this technology has to do with its ability to apprehend criminals. Normally, Securus technology is used for inmate communication. This machinery is used to connect inmates with their loved ones back at home. However, it is also used to monitor inmates and their outside contacts.


The prison system is primarily made up of criminals. Many of these criminals are still involved within a criminal lifestyle though they are being rehabilitated while behind bars. Fortunately, most of these criminals make huge mistakes and are caught for their actions through the use of Securus technology.


When inmates make calls within the prison system, these calls are not typically monitored by prison officials. However, if a correction’s officer suspects that something is wrong they will want to look further into a situation to determine the truth.


This might sound strange to people, but an inmate has rights. Correction’s officers cannot just screen a prisoner’s call without receiving clearance from the proper authorities. Usually, judges will sign off on warrant if there is enough evidence for doing so. This type of action can then be used to gather evidence to prosecute an inmate.


Correctional facility officials will then screen calls to figure out if an inmate has committed a crime. An inmate’s call will then be screened by the proper authorities. If a criminal offense is discovered, then the inmate will be prosecuted.


Securus technology makes taking this type of action a reality for corrections facilities. They ensure that corrections officials can receive the benefit of catching criminals who operate within the prison system. Many officials who are involved within the prison system praise Securus.


This communication technology system gives them the edge for discovering crimes being committed behind bars. They realize that Securus is a great tool for apprehending criminals and keeping them incarcerated.

Same More Money On Inmate Calling Features Versus Competitor Companies

There are a number of people across the country that can appreciate the benefits of being a Securus Technologies customer. On average, they allow their customers to save 36% on the telephone expenses associated with inmate calls. Ironically, they have combined advanced technological features that have caused their services to be chosen $4 to $1 over competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. Customers know what kind of features they need to stay connected to their loved ones and Securus Technologies is there to respond with cost effective features and award winning customer service. You won’t miss a moment with your loved ones with Securus Technologies.


Securus Technology Features


Inmate Voicemail


Have you ever thought of leaving your loved one in a correctional facility a message? Maybe you don’t have much to say, but you want to leave them a message. Family members now have the option of leaving their loved ones a message for them to retrieve at their leisure. Even their legal counsel can leave them a message concerning their next court appearance. Inmates can now retrieve messages and never have to miss a thing. Try the inmate voicemail feature today.


Why Choose Securus?


PRN Newswire has called Securus Technologies one of the largest network providers in the industry. They have teamed up with video giant Vimeo to bring their customers a remarkable high definition video that allows them to chat with their friends and loved ones. You get complete control of the sound with the click of a few buttons. They allow inmates to put their loved ones and legal counsel on their visiting list and visit on those special holidays like Christmas. You never have to commute to a correctional facility again with the benefit of remote video chat features from Securus Technologies.