Fabletics And Demi Lovato Are Maximizing Body Confidence

It was announced on May 8th that Demi Lovato is teaming up with Fabletics to launch a fitness wear line. Demi Lovato decided to level up her fitness game and embrace her own “body” as it is. Her Snapchat and Instagram social media streams often show Lovato working out. So, it only seems fitting that she’s collaborating with Kate Hudson and Fabletics to present a “limited edition” collection of athletic/leisure clothing.


On the same day, Demi wrote on Instagram: “I’ve partnered up with @fabletics.” She went on to say that she designed the “capsule collection” for Fabletics because they’ve always allowed women to express their individuality. The capsule collection is like a mini preview before the full line is released.


The featured clothing line will inspire body confidence. Anyone watching Demi Lovato knows that she has evolved into an “empowered woman.” This is the main theme of the activewear pieces. Demi felt that Kate Hudson’s brand is an affordable way to feel “confident” and “stay strong.” Expect to see these messages expressed on the patterns woven within the designs of her activewear line.


When the collaboration was announced, Lovato said the proceeds will go to charity. A portion of the money from sales will go to the “United Nation Foundation, Girl Up campaign.” The campaign is all about empowering young girls to become women of change. For its part, Fabletics said that they would also donate profit from the Demi Lovato collection to help benefit the SchoolCycle program. Hudson has previously been involved with the charity organization, which provides bicycles for girls as transportation to and from school.


Lovato met Kate Hudson at the gym and from there a creative partnership later developed. This is a rare event for Fabletics, as it marks the first time that they’ve featured a collaboration designer collection. Kate Hudson in the article for “InStyle” magazine said that the Lovato project was borne out them both doing what they love. The fact that she met Lovato on a mini-break at the gym didn’t lose its irony. Hudson stated this about Demi: “she has a very different energy, brings a different kind of energy to our company, and brings a different audience.” Apart of that energy is from her loyal 58 million Instagram followers. Recently, Demi posted a clip of her martial arts workout and it received 2.5 million likes. With that many likes from a single post, it’s obvious that she indeed “does” have very good energy.


Fabletics as a brand is enjoying the success of its “bricks and mortar” retail stores. Kate Hudson operational mode is not all business, although she’s perceived as the face of the company. She enjoys being a fit role model and the appeal of her company, is that it makes quality athletic wear, affordable. The Demi Lovato capsule collection will be available for purchase online and in the Fabletics stores on May 17th. With the full line available in August.

New Flavors Gaining Popularity

When EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – first began popping up in stores in 2009, no one thought they’d become so popular. Some of the more popular flavors are the newer ones. These new ones have expanded the line up from a few classic flavors to include a whole rainbow of different colored “pods” that one can buy.

Two of these new flavors have something in common: glitter. Since EOS commercials often feature women, it’s no surprise that it seems like the company is marketing towards women. With the success of their shimmer smooth spheres, it looks as though that market is coming through.

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The shimmer spheres come in two colors: sheer pink and pearl. Both of the pods are black. The pearl pod’s top features swirls in white, while those swirls are a pink color for the sheer pink. It’s a departure from their recognizable single color spheres, and the difference is perking ears. These lip balms are meant to do everything a classic flavor can do: rejuvenate the lips, prevent chapping, and give women everywhere a fun way to do so.

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However, they also add something to the fun. Since these two have glitter in the lip balm, they are a good alternative to wearing lip gloss or lip stick on a night out. Since many keep a pod of EOS in their purse anyway, what harm is it to add another one that they can simply reapply when their color begins to fade? It’s certainly easier than trying to remember to bring a tube of gloss or lip stick – and much easier to reapply in front of the date.  Check on costco.ca

With the popularity of these new flavors, the world waits with anticipation for the next release. The next addition is certain to have the same success.

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Revolutionizing Active Wear: Don Ressler

With hopes of investing in a brand which he could truly believe in, Don Ressler has helped to creatively birth one of the hugest names in recent fashion. Sparking a revolutionary change in everyday apparel, Don used his experienced background and dedication to produce a business unlike any other.

After speaking with Kate Hudson, Don followed his instincts. He invested and helped create an everyday apparel line. Named Fabletics, the company models Don Ressler and Kate’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Inspired to create affordable workout clothing for everyone, Don knew Kate Hudson’s vision could come to reality.

Fabletics was launched just 3 short years ago. The company has since grown to dominate both the athletic industry and the fashion world on Pando. What started as an online exclusive clothing brand for young adults rapidly grew. Fabletics now operates over 15 different brick and mortar stores across the nation. Sales are increasingly rising as well. Fabletics tripled their average annual sales last year alone.

Following the success of Fabletics, the company has since introduced their male clothing line titled FL2. The new clothing line follows the same footsteps and beliefs as Fabletics. The premium quality clothing brand offers the most innovative workout fashion apparel at http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/, costing consumers a fraction of the standard prices offered by competitors. FL2 clothing is created with performance technology, however the designs are comfortable enough for every day relaxtion.

Don Ressler is continuously shaping the ECommerce industry. Providing an alternative to the average and traditional consumer shopping, he has helped propel other ECommerce businesses he created. Don is responsible for the successful position of a variety of businesses. TechStyle Fashion Group was Co-founded by Don Kessler in 2010. The company now serves as a parental company for other businesses and brands such as Fabletics and FL2.

Under the guidance of Don, his companies have worked with a host of prominent celebrities on Huffington Post. Elle and Blair, Avril Lavigne and even Kimora Lee Simmons have been in association with Don and his clothing businesses. His hard work and extensive efforts even landed a prime spot on television.
As Fabletics continues to expand, countries outside the USA have taken notice. Fabletics can be seen on individuals throughout the globe. The brand has single handedly influenced the public perception of active wear.

JustFab and Fabletics Build Strong Audience

One look at a funny Fabletics video, and people will find themselves on Google searching for this brand. That is what the co-founder, Kate Hudson, had in mind. She wanted to create a brand that a lot of people would take interest in. She was trying to build a fun workout fashion line that would appeal to people from different walks of life. It was also the actress in Hudson that allowed people to see the comedic side of her personality shine through in the Fabletics clothing line.

The JustFab connected with Fabletics and the connection is perfect for people that want to do all of their shopping in one place. The JustFab site has fabulous clothes and shoes that can appeal to women that want the best style. There are obviously a lot of women that are going to gravitate towards the Bellina and the Audranne flats. These are very popular shoes that are lot of women wear for out for a casual day. At the other end of the spectrum there are also people that shop on the JustFab website that are fans of the Lexie pumps. This is one of the top sellers on this website. These are great selections for adults, but many teenagers may take interest in the Morina or Carmella sneakers.

A lot of women are impressed with the JustFab website because the shoes and clothes are stylish, but these garments are also reasonably priced. Kate Hudson knew that this was something to consider when her Fabletics company got connected to JustFab. Hudson wanted to bring style and affordability to an intersection in the gym wear clothing arena. That is why she chose to make the clothes that were within reasonable prices when she started working on Fabletics. When people hit the website they will instantly see that they can get their first Fabletics outfit for $25. This is why many people make the decision to sign up for the subscription. They know that they are getting quality at a reasonable price on mallofamerica.com. With the subscription service they can get the quality every month automatically. This allows them to build a diverse workout wardrobe quickly.

Fabletics also has become one of those companies that has a lot of cute clothes that women will love. The new active wear live has interesting patterns. People that want to get a glimpse this can check the website and see this along with other yoga pants, leggings and running clothes.

This is the company that is becoming very well-known as the go-to brand for the workout crowd. There are a lot of brick-and-mortar stores on the way, and this will introduce even more people to the Fabletics workout brand at https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/.

Wengie Boob Protection Vlog Recap

In one of her vlog videos, YouTube beauty blogger Wengie describes her day. She begins by showing her sunny living room and saying that she had just woken up, eaten, and brushed her teeth. She talks about the project she is doing that day, which is a blog post and review of some cosmetic products. Then she goes out of her house to buy a wrap and coffee for lunch. She brings the food home and watches a TED Talk while she eats.

Next Wengie shows how she sets up the cosmetics she is reviewing for a photo with her professional camera and lights. Then she puts on makeup and takes photos of herself. She talks about how she really likes the more natural, “Korean-style” makeup look she is wearing. Then Wengie gets ready to go eat Korean food for dinner with a friend. Once her friend arrives, they talk about each others’ outfits and then Wengie shows off some new underwear and bras she bought.

Next they eat dinner together and Wengie gets a bowl of spicy tofu soup. They chat about Wengie’s career and how she films her life and everyone in it. After dinner they go out for tea and coffee. Then they talk about a Netflix reality show they both like to watch and discuss their favorite people on the show. At the end of the video, Wengie says that she has been working on editing her videos for hours after dinner until three in the morning and checks in with her viewers to say good night.


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