Fabletics And Demi Lovato Are Maximizing Body Confidence

It was announced on May 8th that Demi Lovato is teaming up with Fabletics to launch a fitness wear line. Demi Lovato decided to level up her fitness game and embrace her own “body” as it is. Her Snapchat and Instagram social media streams often show Lovato working out. So, it only seems fitting that she’s collaborating with Kate Hudson and Fabletics to present a “limited edition” collection of athletic/leisure clothing.


On the same day, Demi wrote on Instagram: “I’ve partnered up with @fabletics.” She went on to say that she designed the “capsule collection” for Fabletics because they’ve always allowed women to express their individuality. The capsule collection is like a mini preview before the full line is released.


The featured clothing line will inspire body confidence. Anyone watching Demi Lovato knows that she has evolved into an “empowered woman.” This is the main theme of the activewear pieces. Demi felt that Kate Hudson’s brand is an affordable way to feel “confident” and “stay strong.” Expect to see these messages expressed on the patterns woven within the designs of her activewear line.


When the collaboration was announced, Lovato said the proceeds will go to charity. A portion of the money from sales will go to the “United Nation Foundation, Girl Up campaign.” The campaign is all about empowering young girls to become women of change. For its part, Fabletics said that they would also donate profit from the Demi Lovato collection to help benefit the SchoolCycle program. Hudson has previously been involved with the charity organization, which provides bicycles for girls as transportation to and from school.


Lovato met Kate Hudson at the gym and from there a creative partnership later developed. This is a rare event for Fabletics, as it marks the first time that they’ve featured a collaboration designer collection. Kate Hudson in the article for “InStyle” magazine said that the Lovato project was borne out them both doing what they love. The fact that she met Lovato on a mini-break at the gym didn’t lose its irony. Hudson stated this about Demi: “she has a very different energy, brings a different kind of energy to our company, and brings a different audience.” Apart of that energy is from her loyal 58 million Instagram followers. Recently, Demi posted a clip of her martial arts workout and it received 2.5 million likes. With that many likes from a single post, it’s obvious that she indeed “does” have very good energy.


Fabletics as a brand is enjoying the success of its “bricks and mortar” retail stores. Kate Hudson operational mode is not all business, although she’s perceived as the face of the company. She enjoys being a fit role model and the appeal of her company, is that it makes quality athletic wear, affordable. The Demi Lovato capsule collection will be available for purchase online and in the Fabletics stores on May 17th. With the full line available in August.

The Natural and Organic Flavored Lip Balms from EOS

Dry lips can be an annoyance during the day. It isn’t a life threatening ailment by any means, but it can be tediously excruciating to feel your lips get drier and drier throughout the day. One of the gentle and natural methods is to use the Evolution of Smooth -or EOS as it is known by its shorter acronym- to hydrate your lips.

EOS Lip Flavors

EOS lip flavors has a variety of options. They sell organic, shimmer, active protection, and visibly soft types of lip balms to their consumers. Each of the lip balms come in round spheres. Some of the EOS lip flavors are also available in thin tubes like classic lip balm design.

Organic lip flavors come in vanilla, mint, strawberry, blueberry acai, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and honeydew. The flavors in the visibly soft category come in blackberry, coconut milk, and vanilla mint. The active protection have SPF 15. The ones with sun protection come in lemon and grapefruit. Shimmer EOS come in the option of either pearl or sheer pink.  More of these products on walmart.ca.

Where You Can Buy EOS Lip Flavors

EOS is available from a variety of locations. You can pick up EOS from most drug stores and major retailers. It is also available on their official website and their seller profile on Amazon online retailer.  Check also on ebay.com.

Click https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html

EOS Lip Balm Flavors for You

There are a lot of different lip balms you can get for your needs. You might be looking for a certain flavor, but are not sure what one is goign to be the best for you. The good thing is there are a lot of different ones for you to pick from.

Organic Lip Balms

EOS has a line of Organic lip balms that they also sell. These lip balms are almost all a sweet flavor of lip balm. The flavors range from Strawberry to Mango. There is also a mint flavor that you can choose too. These are Gluten free and are better for your lips than some others on the market today.

Visibly Soft

This EOS lip balm line is a special line that helps your lips to get the moisture that you need in your lip balms. The flavors are similar to the other lines, but they have that bit of extra that helps them to stand out.

Picking a Flavor

There are several ways you can choose a flavor for your lip balm. The biggest way is to find a flavor you may have already had that you love and see if it’s in the EOS line. If they have something similar, then you can get it in this brand. You also may want to think about the flavors you like so you can find something that you really like for your lip balm.

Ther are a lot of options to look though when looking at lip balms. You only have ot find the one that is going to work for you and the needs you have. The last thing you want is to have a lip balm that is going to be gross or that you don’t use. That is why it’s important to try them out and find a good one.

EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of stores such as Walmart, Walgreens and Target. The products are also available online via Amazon, eBay, Ulta and may more websites.

EOS website: https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/

Looking for a fabulous summer look? Why not JustFab?

The toughest thing about finding a look for summer is the fact that with so many different climates all over the US, at a certain point you have to double down on shopping locally.

Most retailers these days seem to make even their cutest designs for one specific climate rather than offering something you could conceivably wear at summertime anywhere in the US.

I came to JustFab’s website looking for something that stood out from the rest of the flock. You can only wear the same open-sleeved dress so many times before your friends start asking you when you plan on going shopping for clothes again!

With a bit of a kitschy feel (including the requisite cowboy boots) JustFab is offering a new summer selection this year. With a selection of light, airy fabrics and very loose garments, the selection this year seems meant for those of us in warmer climates that are constantly fighting that uphill dredge against scorching weather.

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JustFab – Facebook

One of the best draws to what JustFab has to offer if their selection of bottoms. Ranging from a wide variety of skirts and capris to stylish jots ready for an after-office trip out to the bar with friends or a gathering with my family.

That’s not just a jean thing either! JustFab’s selection of summer wear is expansive – there’s something that fits any kind of style you might find yourself adopting for the summer. Like open toned bamboo lace sandals for those of us that are a little granola.

One of the toughest things for me during the summer is matching a bag to my outfit – it’s kind of awful to go out in an A-line skirt while sporting a giant tan bag capable of holding the population of a small country when I just need to spend some time catching up on homework at the library for an hour or two. But JustFab has me covered for the summer, both in clothes and keeping me looking like I stepped right out of a fashion catalogue (and not costing me an arm and a leg either) big purse or not.

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