Susan McGalla Advises Women on Entrepreneurship

Susan McGalla is an American based businesswoman. She is the chief merchandising officer at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan is also an executive consultant. She sits at the HFF Inc. board of directors, a company that provides real estate services. McGalla extends a hand of philanthropy through Magee Women Hospital Research Institute Foundation. Over the years, she has actively participated in community development activities. Today, she contributes on issues regarding community development through Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Check

According to, her career in management began in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company. She gained experience by working in several managerial positions in the company until 1994. Later, she moved to American Eagle Outfitters. In this institution, she took the role of divisional merchandise buyer for ladies clothes. She worked her way up through several managerial positions to become the president of the company’s flagship brand. Later, she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the entire business. During her tenure as president, she oversaw the launch of 77 kids’ brands. In early 2011, McGalla left the company to start her consultant business. Her private consultant practice offers services to retail and investment companies. Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and serves as the vice president at Pittsburgh Steelers in their business strategy and creative development section.

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On several occasions, she has spoken on her views and advice on women seeking to get ahead in business. On the web, there is a flood of information that has however become generic. Among all the women she speaks to, most of them are usually searching for authentic advice that is applicable. According to McGalla, the most factual information she offers is her story. She says her father taught her to present her ideas regardless of the audience. Despite the originality and strength of an idea, the degree of confidence during its presentation matters a lot. Additionally, McGalla says that being comfortable among all genders is instrumental to success.

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