Class Dojo Is Working To Improve Learning And Communication In The Classroom

Class Dojo is a real time communication platform that has been developed to improve the quality of education and information between students, teachers, and parents. It allows parents to check in on their child’s progress. The program has grown into a tool to build a closer community. The app be can use on all computers as well as Android and iOS. It supports the uploading of photos, videos, messages, and announcements instantly and can translate in 35 different languages. This program advocates improvements in the classroom and a constant effort to increase the quality of education.

Many teachers talk of students who are not engaged in the classroom, where some students even feel isolated. Class Dojo can change this by bringing more communication and encouragement to students and instructors. The biggest obstacle in getting all students to learn has always been whether or not they are involved in the work and classroom. This program is the right tool for bridging the gap.

Class Dojo’s reach is expanding its reach to classrooms around the world, with millions of teachers, students, and parents using the app worldwide. Class Dojo believes this is just the beginning of a long journey in improving the school and classroom environment. The overall goal is to allow teachers, students, and parents to communicate better and change the way education in all classrooms. Class Dojo is being used in over 180 different countries, including two thirds of all schools in the US. Class Dojo’s app is very compatible with many devices and other apps, and has a secure network to ensure the safety of information and sharing over the internet.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are both co-founders of Class Dojo. They created the program with an aim to help students learn better within the classroom, with positive environments and behavior. As a former teacher himself, Sam Chaudhary knows the kinds of environments some classrooms become. Liam Don was earning his Ph.D in Computer Science when the idea for developing Class Dojo came through. Their idea was realized and today, Class Dojo has a tool that will help build the community’s around school.

Parents will be able to see updates in real time while using the app to see the progress their child is making from home. This special program also allows parents and teachers to do conferences without the hassle of scheduling and keeping an appointment.


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