Andy Wirth’s Opinion About the Drought

Located in the Olympic Valley, the Squaw Valley Ski resort is known for being one of the most beautiful ski resorts to visit. Located in Northern California, this resort offers beautiful views, excellent slopes to ski on, as well as beautiful hikes that allow any individual to explore the beauty of this land.

This resort is located in an area that is even renowned for hosting the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Though over the few decades this resort has been fading away due to the lack of visitors, the resort has recently been observed to be making a comeback and is now increasing in profits as well as in revenue.

At the head of this innovative and new comeback is Andy Wirth, the current CEO and President of the resort. Andy Wirth has always had a passion for combining luxury with nature and has now been able to use his skills and passion as a businessman to help grow the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Andy Wirth officially joined this family owned business in 2010 when he was appointed as the new leader of the company by one of the original Cushing family owners.

Shortly after his appointment into his new position, Andy Wirth was given the opportunity to improve the resort even more when it was officially purchased by the KSL Capital Partners.

This investment firm was able to not only loan money, but was also able to help with the entire restoration project of the resort. As a result, Andy Wirth invested over $70 million into remodeling the resort.

This remodeling included improving the design of the ski resorts as well as bringing the interior of the resort up to date.

Though the resort had slowly been fading away after the 1960 Winter Olympics, this resort has begun to make a comeback and grow in popularity.

Despite the drought that has been hitting the West Coast, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been able to successfully grow in business. This is primarily due to the innovative investments and ideas that Andy Wirth has had for his company.

In recent news, the KCRW radio station wanted to sit down with Mr. Wirth in order to not only talk about the drought, but also talk about his plans for the future of his business.

Andy Wirth surprised the host of the KCRW radio station by stating that his business will not be hindered by the drought. In fact, Andy Wirth has used the help of the community to create new and innovative business ideas for the resort.

As a result of brainstorming Andy Wirth has decided to host several festivals in the winter that will bring in visitors as well as locals to the resort.

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