Susan McGalla Moves Beyond Gender To Pragmatism

Susan McGalla is fully aware that businesses with gender diversity more accurately reflect the marketplace and therefore are poised to have greater success. She is unequivocally part of gender success in one of the toughest-to-penetrate “old boy’s school” if ever there was one: the NFL. Ms. McGalla worked her way up through the ranks and finally landed a position as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she is the first woman to ever hold that title in this organization.


She credits getting to this position with being raised by a football coach dad and with 2 brothers with her eventual success. A woman rising to the ranks in an NFL organization would be a challenge for most, but it is not that they are necessarily exclusionary towards women, it is just that one has to be used to being around men and able to hold their own in that type of a setting. Susan McGalla likely has other special ingredients that make her so successful, but growing up in a largely male household likely helped her in her current position. She had lots of success with American Eagle Outfitters and started a successful consulting firm, so she was well on her way, having achieved an appreciable amount of success, before joining the Steelers, yet this current position will likely be her career-defining moment.


Although perhaps the glass ceiling is still an issue, there might be other ways to circumvent this seemingly impenetrable barrier. Susan McGalla feels that Executive Sponsorships would help women get in positions to work on projects that would adequately showcase their abilities, helping them bypass the glass ceiling business. The way, of course, this would eventually manifest is with companies that have female CEOs, or those in positions of power to make these sorts of sponsorships a reality, and the sponsor would only support the project if a woman was in a leading position. This makes sense and hopefully more people in positions of power will adopt this idea so as to make bypassing the glass ceiling a reality for many. The silver lining is also that if men are not always being relied on to do all the bread-winning, perhaps they will live longer. It is a win-win.

Why Yanni Hufnagel Matters

In the world of college basketball, its coaches oftentimes go unnoticed. However, most of the players that we see in the NBA today would not exist without the assistance of their coaches. Moreover, LeBron James, Blake Griffin, and Stephen Curry would have never existed. Like many things in life, playing sports requires guidance. Moreover, it requires ambition and determination. Also, playing sports involve coaching. Therefore, basketball remains no different. Moreover, few coaches can compare to the expertise of Yanni Hufnagel. For those unaware, Hufnagel remains one of college basketball’s most talented coaches.


In particular, Yanni Hufnagel has worked with athletes such as Blake Griffin. Therefore, his coaching abilities remain uncontested. To begin, Yanni Hufnagel remains of a native of Scarsdale, New York. While growing up, Yanni Hufnagel remained active in sports. In particular, Yanni Hufnagel played sports such as lacrosse and basketball exceptionally well. Unfortunately, Yanni Hufnagel did not make his high school’s varsity basketball team. However, he did not let this influence his ability to lead. To expound further, Yanni Hufnagel became the school’s commentator. Upon graduating high school, Yanni Hufnagel attended Pennsylvania State University. While there, Yanni played for the school’s lacrosse team.


Furthermore, Hufnagel led the team to several victories. After attending the school for one year, he transferred to Cornell University. While at Cornell University, Yanni earned a bachelor’s degree. Upon graduating from Cornell University, Yanni completed a one-year internship with the New Jersey Nets. While there, Yanni Hufnagel learned a great deal about the sport of basketball. Moreover, it positively influenced his ability to coach. After Yanni Hufnagel completed his one-year internship, he attended the University of Oklahoma. While there, he worked as an assistant coach for the school’s basketball team. In closing, Yanni Hufnagel coached Blake Griffin and he also earned a master’s degree.

The EOS Lip Balm Flavors That Have Taken the Market by Storm

Lip balm is a wax-like substance that is applied to soothe dry lips, to protect the lips and also to add color to them without the sticky feeling common for the lip gloss. There exist a variety of flavors of smooth lip balms otherwise known as EOS lip balm. The most popular of these flavors include EOS Blueberry Acai, EOS Summer Fruit, EOS Sweet Mint and EOS Lemon Drop SPF 15. More here on


EOS Blueberry Acai

Comes in a blue case and has refreshing acai and blue berry fragrances. This lip balm has antioxidants that nourish the lips. There are also organic substances in it that promote its nourishing effects.


EOS Summer Fruit

It is a blend of such exotic fruity flavors like blueberry, peach and strawberry. It is always red in color and packed with moisturizing elements. These elements are very effective in treating the lips’ dryness.


EOS Sweet Mint

This is a mint-flavored emollient. It always comes in blue color in a sphere-shaped parking. The lip balm heals cracked lips using natural extracts and the essential oils that are present in it.


EOS Lemon Drop SPF 15

The salve is made of fresh lemony flavor using SPF 15 sun-protect formula. It is a yellow-colored ball that offers all that is needed in treating sensitive lips. It deep-moisturizes the lips and protects them from the harmful effects of UV exposure which would have otherwise brought darkening and pigmentation. Collect EOS lip balm and shop now at


Background Information on EOS Lip Balm

EOS is an acronym that denotes the name of the company-Evolution of Smooth. It was founded in 2009 by Craig Dubitsky, a former commodity trader who is currently managing Hello, an oral hygiene company. EOS lip balms are always round and colorful and come in a variety of flavors. It is said that the product is 95% organic, made with vitamins, shea butter, jojoba oil and it is paraben-free, a fantastic read.


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Eric Lefkofsky – The Billionaire Founder Ready with His New Venture

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most recognizable names in the internet industry has set up the company, Groupon, that has its presence in many different countries around the world. He has also set up two other companies namely, Echo Global Logistic and InnerWorkings. With earnings of $1.79 billion in his pocket, most people would expect him to retire and enjoy his life. But Eric has a different plan for himself. He has set up another company with the name, Tempus. The company is set to collect and store data related to cancer research and treatments.

Tempus has been set up with a mission to allow doctors to provide better health care to its patients suffering from cancer. It will also allow them to customize the therapies depending on results from previous patients with similar conditions. For Eric, setting up this company was a goal to integrate technology with the medical industry. There is already so much information about patients and treatments available, what is lacking is the way to analyze them properly. The company has partnered with leading hospitals, institutes and doctors for the collection of data. The company will also provide the doctors with software that will allow them to compare the DNAs of the cancer patients and help in their treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky is the chairman of Groupon and is its largest shareholder. Still, he has stepped down as the CEO to build and work towards the success of Tempus. Eric partnered with Brad Keywell to build Tempus. They have hired one of the top geneticist in the industry, Kevin White who was earlier associated with Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology.Eric is often called the serial entrepreneur. After he completed his graduation, he set up a number of businesses, some of which did not do well. But, he was not disheartened. His first of many successful companies was the Starbelly that is set up in 1999. He sold the company for a whopping $240 million. After that, he set up Groupon, which is his biggest success so far. In 2016, he was ranked on the Forbes 400 list and has a net worth of $1.8 billion. Eric has also set up a family foundation along with his wife. The Foundation supports many causes around the world, including education, charities, and scientific researches.

Cut Your Energy Bill With These Tips From Goettl

While we all enjoy the beautiful days of Summer, no one enjoys living in a home that can double as an oven. After all, who wants to wake up basted in their own sweat with their meat dripping off the bone? That’s proper treatment for a side of beef, but certainly not for a human being. The alternative, of course, is suffering under a massive energy bill each month as your AC struggles to keep your home cooled. Or is it? With this tips and tricks from Goettl, you can help protect your unit and keep your home cool and affordable.

1 – Shade Your Unit – AC units as you might suspect are susceptible to heat, and the ambient temperature around them plays an important role in how efficiently they cool your home. If they’re in a shady, cool area then it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the air for your home. In turn, it uses less energy, and you’ll have it made in the shade.

2 – Get Your Home Weatherized – There are tons of programs all over the US that will help you get your home weatherized, and there are few ways to better reduce your energy bill. Replacing drafty windows and redoing insulation can be important ways to protect your energy bill from overabundance.

3 – Window Films – A cheaper alternative to simply replacing windows is to get window films. These films provide a similar level of protection as low-emissivity windows. All you need to do is pick up the films from your local hardware store and put them on your windows.

Companies like Goettl have been leading the HVAC industry in efficiency and air conditioning equipment since 1926. They’ve been committed to the community in Arizona, and with their recent merger with ARS, they’re in a position to continue to do so into the future. Geottl has brought a new dimension of engineering and industry insight to the company and will continue to expand their presence in Arizona under the leadership of Dan Burke, former president of Goettl.


The EOS Flavors

EOS, as the leader in the lip balm market, stands for Evolution of Smooth. For those people living under a rock, it has taken over the lip balm market. It beats Chapstick, Burt’s Bees and every other lip balm available today. People might still but the other products, but not like they buy this. There are more than just a few flavors to select. More articles here on


Here are the flavors and how they are special from all the other lip balm companies.

The Spheres

– Passion Fruit

– Strawberry Sorbet

– Blueberry Acai

– Pomegranate Rasberry

– Summer Fruit

– Sweet Mint

– Honeysuckle Honeydew

These are the basic EOS products that have been released for buyers. They are all gluten-free and natural. Each one has a distinct scent that makes it better than the last. Some fans have favorites, but they are all wonderful. They are all safe for use, free of any toxic ingredients.


Visibly Soft Spheres

– Vanilla Mint

– Coconut Milk

– Blackberry Nectar

These are 99% all natural, meaning that they are petrolatum, paraben, gluten and toxin-free. Really the only difference between these and the others is that these have a white streak around the outside of the egg shaped case.

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Shimmer Smooth Spheres

– Sheer Pink

– Milk

These are the upgraded version of the EOS lip balm product line. They have a slight shimmer to them. They can replace lip stick, if the buyer is looking for something that is lightweight. Check this out for more.


Active Protection Spheres

– Lemon Twist with SPF 15

– Fresh Grapefruit with SPF 30

Finally, these are perfect for outdoor play and summer use. The Fresh Grapefruit EOS has the highest level of SPF protection for buyers, and it smells fabulous. But then, all of them do that.

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Understanding the Mind of Serial Founder Chris Burch

Christopher Burch was born in 1953. He founded Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the CEO. He is the co-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand. He has invested in various businesses in different industries. He has been successful in branding. He uses his skills and experience in sales and marketing in apparel, financial sector, and hospitality among others. He has created one business after the other consistently over the years.

He is businessman known for his diverse investment strategies in the fashion business. Over the years, he’s created several brands and mastered the skill of building great investment portfolios. He had begun his career while still at Itchican College, check Burch’s first major investment was the Eagle’s Eye apparel. He and his brother invested $2,000 into the business. Although they didn’t have a lot of resources to grow their brand, they managed to turn their $2,000 investment into a million dollar enterprise. The brothers sold the clothing company to Swire Group for $165 million. He invested in Internet Capital Group. He has been investing in various companies since then.  Click on for additional article.

He was instrumental in building ED, a lifestyle brand in partnership with Ellen Degeneres. Chris Burch is also involved with Cocoon9 and Burmah, a deluxe prefabricated homes brand and a hospitality industry supplier respectively. Chris Burch also has his name on Poppin, a provider of office supplies, and Trademark, a women fashion brand. Some of the contemporary brands he is working on include Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, and Blink Health.  Read this important interview with Burch

How does he do all that? He is a disruptive business mogul whose interest far surpasses his deficiencies. He believes that ideas come and go, but only the most well thought out projects remain. He consistently encourages his team to go out and think of the world as a stage, where they can invent, innovate and make many new things. He also mentors young innovators.

Chris Burch is an active philanthropist. Some of the organizations he supports include Mt. Sinai Hospital, an award-winning teaching hospital based in New York and Sumba Foundation. He also values community growth.  For Burch timeline activities, check

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What Has Clay Siegall Done For Disease Treatment?

Clay Siegall created Seattle Genetics, a company that focuses on the developing of drugs and technologies to treat diseases and cancer. Clay Siegall started his company in 1998 and has since grown it into a wildly successful business that has created drugs and technologies to help the way people with cancer are treated. The main focus of Seattle Genetics is to improve the outcome for people with diseases, especially by lowering the mortality rate.

Clay Siegall had the urge to start his own company after years of not seeing the money or credit he thought he should get for the work he was doing. He wanted the ability to focus on the research he wanted and to get the recognition for his important work and findings. So after years of experiencing unfairness, he decided to branch out on his own and start Seattle Genetics. After years of work and research, he finally began to experience what he set out to.

Although he wanted to branch out on his own for the credit and money that was not what pushed him into starting his own company. For him, the ultimate reason was to find ways to treat cancer in a more humane way. Clay Siegall saw the harsh treatments people went through and wanted to change the outcome they experienced and the treatment course.

When Clay Siegall was 19 his father was diagnosed with cancer. For years he saw his dad undergo treatments that were extreme and exhausting to the body. After watching his father go through this for years, and eventually die, he knew he wanted to change the way cancer was treated and the outcome for other people. For him, his quest to create these treatments arose from experience and desire to help.

Clay Siegall spent years working for other people before he created his own business. Once he went into business for himself he realized that he could start to make the impact in cancer treatment that he wanted to do. His treatment methods and drugs have now been used in over 60 countries and his business continues to grow every day.


Beneful: A Food for Every Dog

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals made with real salmon provides 100% of the nutrition that your adult dog needs. This formula is a blend of fresh salmon, whole grains, and a selection of vegetables. Salmon is packed with omega fatty-acids. This provides your dog with a healthy,shiny coat. It also promotes healthy skin.

Beneful IndrediBites made with real chickens has everything your adult small dog needs nutrition wise. Made with protein rich real chicken, the kibble is the perfect size for a smaller dog. The food comes in different shapes and textures to keep your dog’s interest in the food.

Beneful Healthy Puppy is complete and balanced nutrition for your growing puppy. This foods offers extra calcium to support your puppy’s growing bones. This food provides 100% of the Nutritional needs for growing pup. His formula also contains DHA which promotes healthy vision and cognitive development.

Beneful Healthy Weight is a great option if your dog is overweight. This formula is packed with great taste and 100% of the nutrition need for your adult dog. It has 10% less calories than the regular Beneful formulas. It doesn’t compromise any of the nutrition or taste of the original formulas.

Beneful Medleys is a wet dog food variety that is made with real meat, whole grains, and an assortment of healthy vegetables. The sauce adds a ton of flavor to your dog’s dish. This can be added to dry dog food for an extra special treat or can be eaten on its own.

Adam Milstein Advocates for Heritage

As the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein has risen in the ranks of the business world, overseeing an impressive portfolio that holds upwards of $2 billion. While his prominence in the investment arena continues to trend positively, it is his philanthropic exploits that are shining a new light on one of his other passions; giving back to the Jewish community. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation has become one of the most recognizable examples of his philanthropic efforts as over the years, he’s partnered with them to unite the growing cause for the strength, upliftment, and awareness of Jewish heritage while bridging the gap with Israel today.

Along with his wife, Milstein has continued to champion knowledge encompassing the Jewish Heritage, and through the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, have seen many young Jewish scholars take advantage of the opportunities and unique experiences to be had. The Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs Top 200, a very elite and prestigious list of social contributors, recently recognized Adam Milstein for his continued dedication to advocating for the Jewish community across the globe. The Israeli-American Council, which is dedicated to seeing an ongoing relationship between the United States and Israel, was also founded by Milstein and since its inception, has been influential in foreign policy development between the two countries. Milstein’s persistent stance in fighting against the oppression of Jewish people around the world continues to shine at the forefront of his efforts, and he has been lauded for his vocal approach to the cause. He has been a writer for several prominent publications and in contrast to many of his peers, is active within the communities for which he champions.

Adam Milstein is known for his work as a philanthropist, real estate investor and most prominently as the managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties. He received his Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Southern California in 1983, two years after relocating from Israel to the United States. Today Adam Milstein’s work as a philanthropist continues to be one of the most recognizable aspects of his business, as he continues to receive accolades due to his tireless dedication.