The Natural and Organic Flavored Lip Balms from EOS

Dry lips can be an annoyance during the day. It isn’t a life threatening ailment by any means, but it can be tediously excruciating to feel your lips get drier and drier throughout the day. One of the gentle and natural methods is to use the Evolution of Smooth -or EOS as it is known by its shorter acronym- to hydrate your lips.

EOS Lip Flavors

EOS lip flavors has a variety of options. They sell organic, shimmer, active protection, and visibly soft types of lip balms to their consumers. Each of the lip balms come in round spheres. Some of the EOS lip flavors are also available in thin tubes like classic lip balm design.

Organic lip flavors come in vanilla, mint, strawberry, blueberry acai, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and honeydew. The flavors in the visibly soft category come in blackberry, coconut milk, and vanilla mint. The active protection have SPF 15. The ones with sun protection come in lemon and grapefruit. Shimmer EOS come in the option of either pearl or sheer pink.  More of these products on

Where You Can Buy EOS Lip Flavors

EOS is available from a variety of locations. You can pick up EOS from most drug stores and major retailers. It is also available on their official website and their seller profile on Amazon online retailer.  Check also on


Securus Systems are being praised for their Criminal Catching Benefit

Securus is a communications system that is used inside of many correctional facilities. One great thing about this technology has to do with its ability to apprehend criminals. Normally, Securus technology is used for inmate communication. This machinery is used to connect inmates with their loved ones back at home. However, it is also used to monitor inmates and their outside contacts.


The prison system is primarily made up of criminals. Many of these criminals are still involved within a criminal lifestyle though they are being rehabilitated while behind bars. Fortunately, most of these criminals make huge mistakes and are caught for their actions through the use of Securus technology.


When inmates make calls within the prison system, these calls are not typically monitored by prison officials. However, if a correction’s officer suspects that something is wrong they will want to look further into a situation to determine the truth.


This might sound strange to people, but an inmate has rights. Correction’s officers cannot just screen a prisoner’s call without receiving clearance from the proper authorities. Usually, judges will sign off on warrant if there is enough evidence for doing so. This type of action can then be used to gather evidence to prosecute an inmate.


Correctional facility officials will then screen calls to figure out if an inmate has committed a crime. An inmate’s call will then be screened by the proper authorities. If a criminal offense is discovered, then the inmate will be prosecuted.


Securus technology makes taking this type of action a reality for corrections facilities. They ensure that corrections officials can receive the benefit of catching criminals who operate within the prison system. Many officials who are involved within the prison system praise Securus.


This communication technology system gives them the edge for discovering crimes being committed behind bars. They realize that Securus is a great tool for apprehending criminals and keeping them incarcerated.

EOS Simple Approach To Marketing

EOS is the little startup lip balm company that went to war with some of the biggest lip balm companies like Chapstick, Blistex, Burt’s Bees and won. Today, the company is responsible for manufacturing the second best selling lip balm in the country. EOS is also known as the Evolution Of Smooth. The company entered a market that was already filled with numerous lip balms. However, their idea was to focus on freshening up the look and the appeal of the lip balm packaging, container, and ingredients. Clearly, the EOS simple approach to marketing their lip balm was successful.

Keeping It Natural

EOS produces lip balms with natural and organic ingredients. They realized that today’s consumer is definitely interested in products that are healthier and contain less chemicals. The EOS lip balm team realized that the lip balms on the market were produced in generic tubes and basically contained the same ingredients. Certainly, their little orbs of scented lip balms stood out in the crowd of generic lip balms.

Infiltrating The Market

How did EOS infiltrate the over-saturated lip balm market? Mehra, the co-founder of EOS, states that it was tough going. They hired a marketing representative to move the products into the store. At first, the male clients were confused about the product and its design. Clearly, this is because the product was targeted at female consumers. Their big break happened, when they were lucky enough to make contact with a female buyer for one of the main stores. She understood the concept and loved the little round orbs. She was one of the first to place the company’s lip balms in stores. Soon, other stores such as Walmart and Amazon were added to the list. Next, they decided to market heavily to millennial women by advertising in markets like social media sites. It was a simple approach, but the approach worked. Today, EOS has millions of followers on social media.

New Flavors Gaining Popularity

When EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – first began popping up in stores in 2009, no one thought they’d become so popular. Some of the more popular flavors are the newer ones. These new ones have expanded the line up from a few classic flavors to include a whole rainbow of different colored “pods” that one can buy.

Two of these new flavors have something in common: glitter. Since EOS commercials often feature women, it’s no surprise that it seems like the company is marketing towards women. With the success of their shimmer smooth spheres, it looks as though that market is coming through.

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The shimmer spheres come in two colors: sheer pink and pearl. Both of the pods are black. The pearl pod’s top features swirls in white, while those swirls are a pink color for the sheer pink. It’s a departure from their recognizable single color spheres, and the difference is perking ears. These lip balms are meant to do everything a classic flavor can do: rejuvenate the lips, prevent chapping, and give women everywhere a fun way to do so.

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However, they also add something to the fun. Since these two have glitter in the lip balm, they are a good alternative to wearing lip gloss or lip stick on a night out. Since many keep a pod of EOS in their purse anyway, what harm is it to add another one that they can simply reapply when their color begins to fade? It’s certainly easier than trying to remember to bring a tube of gloss or lip stick – and much easier to reapply in front of the date.  Check on

With the popularity of these new flavors, the world waits with anticipation for the next release. The next addition is certain to have the same success.

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Using The Cleanse To Lose Weight Effectively


There are many people who have gone through cleanse detox and are very happy with the results. This is because they can lose weight easily this way without going through any strenuous workouts. In fact, this is a wonderful way to lose weight in an easy and effective manner.



People who have been on a diet and trying out exercising but still not being to lose weight are quite happy with Cleanse. This is because they were able to lose weight with this vegan option.

This is a complete cleansing regimen of 20 days available at Dherbs Cleanse naturally cleanses as well as detoxifies the body. This means necessary weight loss but in a natural way. This also helps to enhance the immune system of the body. The nutrients in Dherbs Cleanse help to increase its energy levels.



This is an all-natural program at that helps to detoxify, rejuvenate, as well as strengthen the body. It works in a way that helps to release unnecessary weight ranging from 10 lbs to 30 lbs. Removing toxins from the body helps to improve skin complexion too. It works in a way that increases the energy levels of the body.



Such physical benefits help to promote a positive outlook towards life. Dherbs Cleanse helps to normalize as well as regulate various body functions. Once the body is fit, the mind gets clear too.



With Dherbs Cleanse, it becomes easy to remove cravings for sugar and junk foods. This leads to a healthy libido too due to the enhanced circulation of blood in the body. is a highly safe solution. It is a vegan option, and hence anyone can use it. This herbal-based cleanse makes your entire body function at an optimal level. This would include your immune system, the circulatory system, as well as digestive system, besides the respiratory system, various organs, blood vessels, and much more. Once your body operates at peak efficiency, you will become physically and mentally fit. There would be an increase in metabolism. This would lead to better digestion, and make you feel much more energetic.



The Dherbs Cleanse is really good for your body. This is because you are taking in a lot of toxins, and pollutants each day that can lead to potential infection in your body. The sources can include processed foods, besides cleaning supplies of your home. Even the beauty products being used by you can have a lot of toxins. There are pesticides, radiation, as well as airborne pathogens impacting your body. Your intake of unfiltered water in addition to exposure to smoke and air pollution are the other possible irritants. Once you take Dherbs Cleanse, it can reduce the amount of these toxins in your bodily systems.  Compare prices on Amazon for products, or you can also check out what they have available on their online store.



Desiree Perez Helps Build Better Relationships with Artists Through Tidal

Music streaming is becoming the most popular thing in the music world. Fewer people are buying compact disc because fewer cars are coming equipped with compact disc players. Jay-Z appeared to be someone that recognized this early and he decided to hop into the business of music streaming.

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Jay-Z has practically built his career by collaborating with other producers that had hot beats and things would not be different when he decided to go into music streaming. He made a decision to collaborate with someone that knew how to handle business contracts and help his company get to a better place. This person is Desiree Perez. She is the wife of Juan Perez, and Jay-Z has known her for many years. In fact, Jay-Z has recruited Desiree Perez in the past to help with contract negotiations because she has experience in doing this.  Hit on .


Desiree Perez has always known how to get herself out of a tight spot and elevate to another place even when she has been the underdog. Her life is marked by this spirit of a champion type attitude, and it shows in the work that she is done with She is a number cruncher that knows the possibilities that lie in the right contract negotiations. Many people fail to connect the dots, but Desiree Perez knows that it is all about the negotiations that happen up front. So many people will try to make money down the line and renegotiate contracts, but it is often too late. When it comes to music streaming it definitely makes much more sense to get the right contract in place up front. Desiree Perez knows this, and that is what she has done for the artists that provide the exclusive material. She gets their contracts in order from the beginning.

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You Deserve to Have the Best, Orange Juice and Paper Towels Included


When you wake up in the morning nothing goes better with a hearty breakfast than a cool, delicious glass of orange juice. Second only to coffee as the breakfast beverage of choice, orange juice is an American classic for a reason! If you are looking for the best orange juice, look no further than a carton of Florida’s Natural, which is one of the best orange juice brands, rated among the best available juices in Good Housekeeping. If you want something a little bit less full than the Florida’s Natural brand you can’t go wrong with a jug of Simply Orange to find a perfect balance of tart and sweet.


But alas, what do you do when your juice tips over, leaving your table a wet, sticky mess? According to Consumer Reports about paper towel brands, you want to have a roll of Bounty DuraTowel at the ready to clean up any spills or messes. In fact, Consumer Reports states that the Bounty brand simply blows every other paper towel away, with their Bounty Extra Soft and Bounty Giant products coming in second and third in their rankings. Top of the line in every category from absorbency to strength, Bounty is clearly the company to beat in the quest for a perfect paper towel.

What To Expect from Robert Santiago’s Modern Shopping Center, Manaira

Technology, vast space, and world-class shops are some of the perks to expect at Manaira shopping mall. The building which sits on thousands of square feet acres, allows visitors to have ample parking space, and entry and exit avenues. It has stores that cater to the addicted shopaholic who prefers to buy items without their taxation fees, game heads with a raving obsession for 3D games, film fanatics seeking a thrilling experience with modern day technology. Manaira’s owner considered music lovers who would enjoy a rooftop live performance experience and food lovers who appreciate delicacies from excellent five-star restaurants. Manaira’s entertainment capacity provides a lifestyle ability like no other mall in Brazil. The gaming section has a fully electrified bowling area, and the movie theater features trending shows using the latest laser cut technology. The rooftop, known as the Domus Mall, has an air-conditioned open-air facility that hosts exhibits, fairs, conferences and concerts that use a customized sound system and acoustics.

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In 2008, Manaira’s owner, Robert Santiago began the expansion of the food court. The food available ranges from affordable burgers and pizzas to exotic recipes from five-star restaurants such as Espaco Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital Steakhouse. At the end of the day, Manaira offers more than 100,000 daily visitors with a variety of items and gadgets such as jewelry, furniture, clothing, books, sports gears, and technology. Manaira’s unique inclusion is the Higher Education of Paraiba faculty situated in it. On a regular weekday, the mall has hundreds of the institution’s staff and students viewing the different shops and spaces.

Roberto Santiago is a serial entrepreneur with a string of malls across regions in Brazil. Before joining college, Robert launched a carton manufacturing enterprise that would design boxes at the request and specifications of a client company. Santiago earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Center of Joao Pessoa University after graduating from Pio X-Marist College. In 1989, Robert invested in buying a vast space of land in his hometown, Joao Pessoa, which he is now using for the development of real estate. Apart from managing his businesses, Robert is a federal deputy of the capital of Sao Paulo. He is the son of Carmen Gomes da Silva and Jose Santiago Roca. Robert has previously worked as the vice president of the general union of workers of Brazil and currently serves on the Board of Labor Administration and Chamber of Duties for the public service committee.

Revolutionizing Active Wear: Don Ressler

With hopes of investing in a brand which he could truly believe in, Don Ressler has helped to creatively birth one of the hugest names in recent fashion. Sparking a revolutionary change in everyday apparel, Don used his experienced background and dedication to produce a business unlike any other.

After speaking with Kate Hudson, Don followed his instincts. He invested and helped create an everyday apparel line. Named Fabletics, the company models Don Ressler and Kate’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Inspired to create affordable workout clothing for everyone, Don knew Kate Hudson’s vision could come to reality.

Fabletics was launched just 3 short years ago. The company has since grown to dominate both the athletic industry and the fashion world on Pando. What started as an online exclusive clothing brand for young adults rapidly grew. Fabletics now operates over 15 different brick and mortar stores across the nation. Sales are increasingly rising as well. Fabletics tripled their average annual sales last year alone.

Following the success of Fabletics, the company has since introduced their male clothing line titled FL2. The new clothing line follows the same footsteps and beliefs as Fabletics. The premium quality clothing brand offers the most innovative workout fashion apparel at, costing consumers a fraction of the standard prices offered by competitors. FL2 clothing is created with performance technology, however the designs are comfortable enough for every day relaxtion.

Don Ressler is continuously shaping the ECommerce industry. Providing an alternative to the average and traditional consumer shopping, he has helped propel other ECommerce businesses he created. Don is responsible for the successful position of a variety of businesses. TechStyle Fashion Group was Co-founded by Don Kessler in 2010. The company now serves as a parental company for other businesses and brands such as Fabletics and FL2.

Under the guidance of Don, his companies have worked with a host of prominent celebrities on Huffington Post. Elle and Blair, Avril Lavigne and even Kimora Lee Simmons have been in association with Don and his clothing businesses. His hard work and extensive efforts even landed a prime spot on television.
As Fabletics continues to expand, countries outside the USA have taken notice. Fabletics can be seen on individuals throughout the globe. The brand has single handedly influenced the public perception of active wear.

Bob Reina Believes In The Power of Being Positive

Bob Reina is the type of person that is always positive, no matter what life throws at him or no matter what life deals him. He does not back down from any sort of challenge. In fact, he believes everything is only going to make him stronger in the long run. He also believes that for his clients and customers as well.

He knows they might be struggling and going through a hard time. For a lot of people, that starts at the work place. Because of this, he wants to give them options. He does not want them to feel like they are trapped and they have no way out.

No matter what life is going to hand someone, they have a choice. Bob Reina is giving people a choice and a chance. With this chance, it is up to them to make the most of it. Bob Reina believes in them because he knows that when someone is unhappy, they are fueled to make the most out of the situation and like him, not back down from it.

They are ready for the change and the time for change is now. For many people, it starts with simply starting up a business of their own and being their own boss.

A lot of people are scared of their bosses because of how their bosses treat them. They feel as if they have been mistreated and because of this, they don’t want to take the verbal abuse anymore. They know what they can do and they know what type of skills they have and how they can be put to use.

With Talk Fusion and its video newsletters, video chats, video conferences, and video emails, they can do anything they set their mind to and they will have no limitations, whatsoever.

Also, when they use Talk Fusion, they can know that their money is going toward something positive in the Tampa Bay Humane Society, where Bob Reina recently made a record-breaking donation.

That is being positive and making real change in the world, which is something Bob Reina is incredibly passionate about, to say the least.