Mike Baur And Michael Hartweg Forge A New Partnership

Mike Baur is the amazing and innovative principal at the Swiss Startup Factory, and he has contacted an industry colleague for a new partnership. Michael Hartweg has been asked onto the team of investors who aid clients at the Factory, and this article explains how these two men are creating a startup giant. There is quite a lot that must be done for a new company, and two men are making quite a difference in the digital startup community.

#1: What Does Mike Baur Do?

Mike Baur serves as the leader at the Swiss Startup Factory, and he provides counseling to new startup clients who contact him. He spends the majority of his time assisting clients with management, governing and cash flow questions. His clients receive counseling until they are no longer new startups, and Mike often turns over counseling services to Michael Hartweg when necessary.

#2: What Does Michael Hartweg Do?

Michael Hartweg is a financial wizard who provides cash to new startups through the Swiss Startup Factory. He was brought onto the team by Mike Baur himself, and he is tasked with helping clients who are working in the digital technology industry. There are certain things to consider when a digital startup is seeking money, and Michael will cover those issues before releasing funds to clients.

The success rate with Michael’s assistance is much higher due to his industry experience. Mike Baur will aid clients once they have been counseled by his partner, and the clients may check in once their startup period is over. Consulting is an ongoing cause that Mike and his staff take quite seriously.

#3: Why Must Startups Hire Consultants?

Startups must hire consultants when their companies possess more ideas than money. The job at Swiss Startup Factory is to seamlessly provide clients with help needed to become financially-stronger. A firm that hopes for future earnings is not nearly as successful as a company that is fully-funded. Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur and Michael Hartweg seek out the proper funding for each client.

Mike has expanded his company quite a lot to serve digital startups that will become household names in the near future. He is an expert in the field of corporate governance, and he understands what the management structure of every client should appear to be. His expertise and partnerships make clients at the Swiss Startup Factory stronger, safer and ready for success.

Hoe Adam Goldenberg Turned His Teenage Dream Into Reality

Co-founder and Co-CEO of JustFab Adam Goldenberg realized his spirit of entrepreneurship at an early age. At just 15 he started his first company, Gamers alliance. After three years, he sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media. He is also the Co-founder of Alena Media. After the sell of his company, Adam Goldenberg dropped out of high school and moved from his parents home, miles away, to become the Vice President of Intermix Strategic Planning. By the time he was 20 Adam was the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix, and the youngest to ever hold that position. In this position he met who would become one of his closest friends and business partners, Don Ressler.

The new business partners in crime launched a health and beauty e-commerce brand called Intelligent Beauty in 2006 on huffingtonpost.com. After a successful run in the cosmetic industry, the two decided to expand their platform and start an online retail business. The goal was to offer high end clothing at reasonable prices. Adam knew that in order to be as successful as possible in this business, that he needed to get to know his product, as with any other item made to sell. Adam Goldenberg mastered the difference between different women’s shoes, and the preference of handbags and accessories. Making a more user friendly and shopper engaged experience for each customer was also a top priority thus, the “online personal stylist” was born. Each month, members have the option to purchase items handpicked just for them based off of results of a preference quiz taken during the signup process. JustFab is the model company for subscription based online fashion retail.

A lot of people will talk about how they started from the ground up, but Adam Goldenberg truly did. When he launched Gamers Alliance in 1996 he used money from his Bar Mitzvah, and self taught expertise. When most boys his age were out playing with friends, or spending every dime they got on the coolest clothes and shoes, he was paying for his future. Adam was aware at a young age of his talent, and was able to convince the founder of Intermix to bring him on as COO of the company, which was a shock to everyone involved because of Goldenberg’s age. Since his early start to entrepreneurship, he has co-founded two companies and held numerous professional titles. Adam is a perfect example of courage, and dedication. His confidence in himself allowed him to go far beyond what most dream, with or without a high school degree.

Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1477272&privcapId=37181322

Wengie Boob Protection Vlog Recap

In one of her vlog videos, YouTube beauty blogger Wengie describes her day. She begins by showing her sunny living room and saying that she had just woken up, eaten, and brushed her teeth. She talks about the project she is doing that day, which is a blog post and review of some cosmetic products. Then she goes out of her house to buy a wrap and coffee for lunch. She brings the food home and watches a TED Talk while she eats.

Next Wengie shows how she sets up the cosmetics she is reviewing for a photo with her professional camera and lights. Then she puts on makeup and takes photos of herself. She talks about how she really likes the more natural, “Korean-style” makeup look she is wearing. Then Wengie gets ready to go eat Korean food for dinner with a friend. Once her friend arrives, they talk about each others’ outfits and then Wengie shows off some new underwear and bras she bought.

Next they eat dinner together and Wengie gets a bowl of spicy tofu soup. They chat about Wengie’s career and how she films her life and everyone in it. After dinner they go out for tea and coffee. Then they talk about a Netflix reality show they both like to watch and discuss their favorite people on the show. At the end of the video, Wengie says that she has been working on editing her videos for hours after dinner until three in the morning and checks in with her viewers to say good night.


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Product Recognition Software Arrives To Enthusiasm


Consumers are always trying to find the perfect item. Doing so is not always easy when text descriptions provide little to go on besides marketing-oriented prose. Visual images are a much better way of gauging interest in a product. Unfortunately, running a search on the internet relies on being at the mercy of keywords and text. Consumers have to type what they are looking for – in a manner as best they can – and hope the search results reveal what they seek. Is there not a better way to find products online?

Thanks to innovative companies such as Toronto’s Slyce, a new means of  search has arrived. Product recognition software allows consumers to run a search of an actual image. Doing so may end up being the far better way to locate a desired retail merchandise item than struggling to come up with a text description and running it through the search engines.

Image searches are exactly what they sound like. A photo or other form of captured image is run through a search box. A selection of images that match the initial image are then listed in the results. For consumers, this can be exceptionally helpful if they are looking for retail merchandise. Someone who wants to buy a purse simply has to run a photo of the purse. In addition to seeking out exact matches, similar matches based on the image will be revealed as well.

Consumers and retailers can rejoice at the various matching images. If the number one or number two matching choice is not available, a series of other choices are available for the choosing. Customers don’t like to end up empty-handed. Retailers and other sellers don’t want them to end up empty-handed either.

Slyce has revealed that the retail companies it works with reports increased buying from customers. One reason for this is because customers are presented with more visual choices. The visual depictions aid in making choices of merchandise beyond their first one.

Slyce has signed deals with a number of top online retailers. Fortune 500 companies are among those in which Slyce has signed those agreements with. Clearly, the company’s product recognition program is meeting customer and retailer expectations.

Visual recognition software is growing in popularity because, quite honestly, it is an outstanding concept. Shopping becomes easier and more fun thanks to these programs. Slyce definitely has done a great job of advancing this type of software.

Andy Wirth’s Opinion About the Drought

Located in the Olympic Valley, the Squaw Valley Ski resort is known for being one of the most beautiful ski resorts to visit. Located in Northern California, this resort offers beautiful views, excellent slopes to ski on, as well as beautiful hikes that allow any individual to explore the beauty of this land.

This resort is located in an area that is even renowned for hosting the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Though over the few decades this resort has been fading away due to the lack of visitors, the resort has recently been observed to be making a comeback and is now increasing in profits as well as in revenue.

At the head of this innovative and new comeback is Andy Wirth, the current CEO and President of the resort. Andy Wirth has always had a passion for combining luxury with nature and has now been able to use his skills and passion as a businessman to help grow the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Andy Wirth officially joined this family owned business in 2010 when he was appointed as the new leader of the company by one of the original Cushing family owners.

Shortly after his appointment into his new position, Andy Wirth was given the opportunity to improve the resort even more when it was officially purchased by the KSL Capital Partners.

This investment firm was able to not only loan money, but was also able to help with the entire restoration project of the resort. As a result, Andy Wirth invested over $70 million into remodeling the resort.

This remodeling included improving the design of the ski resorts as well as bringing the interior of the resort up to date.

Though the resort had slowly been fading away after the 1960 Winter Olympics, this resort has begun to make a comeback and grow in popularity.

Despite the drought that has been hitting the West Coast, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been able to successfully grow in business. This is primarily due to the innovative investments and ideas that Andy Wirth has had for his company.

In recent news, the KCRW radio station wanted to sit down with Mr. Wirth in order to not only talk about the drought, but also talk about his plans for the future of his business.

Andy Wirth surprised the host of the KCRW radio station by stating that his business will not be hindered by the drought. In fact, Andy Wirth has used the help of the community to create new and innovative business ideas for the resort.

As a result of brainstorming Andy Wirth has decided to host several festivals in the winter that will bring in visitors as well as locals to the resort.

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Looking for a fabulous summer look? Why not JustFab?

The toughest thing about finding a look for summer is the fact that with so many different climates all over the US, at a certain point you have to double down on shopping locally.

Most retailers these days seem to make even their cutest designs for one specific climate rather than offering something you could conceivably wear at summertime anywhere in the US.

I came to JustFab’s website looking for something that stood out from the rest of the flock. You can only wear the same open-sleeved dress so many times before your friends start asking you when you plan on going shopping for clothes again!

With a bit of a kitschy feel (including the requisite cowboy boots) JustFab is offering a new summer selection this year. With a selection of light, airy fabrics and very loose garments, the selection this year seems meant for those of us in warmer climates that are constantly fighting that uphill dredge against scorching weather.

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JustFab Shoes & Handbags – View This Season’s Collection

JustFab – Facebook

One of the best draws to what JustFab has to offer if their selection of bottoms. Ranging from a wide variety of skirts and capris to stylish jots ready for an after-office trip out to the bar with friends or a gathering with my family.

That’s not just a jean thing either! JustFab’s selection of summer wear is expansive – there’s something that fits any kind of style you might find yourself adopting for the summer. Like open toned bamboo lace sandals for those of us that are a little granola.

One of the toughest things for me during the summer is matching a bag to my outfit – it’s kind of awful to go out in an A-line skirt while sporting a giant tan bag capable of holding the population of a small country when I just need to spend some time catching up on homework at the library for an hour or two. But JustFab has me covered for the summer, both in clothes and keeping me looking like I stepped right out of a fashion catalogue (and not costing me an arm and a leg either) big purse or not.

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Securus Releases Comprehensive Wrongdoing Articles

I first heard about the security, mishandled charges, and bad practices that Securus planned on revealing in a comprehensive series of articles in the community. Global Tel Link, known as GLT, has been the focus of many business complaints, and industry investigations over the last several months, following business information that came to light. The PR Newswire released reports from Securus talked about many business practices that were unethical at best, and caused many customers to pay fees and costs much higher than they were informed of, or for services they did not receive.
In the initial reports that were released, Securus America, as an A+ accredited company by the BBB, outlined dozens of issues to be analyzed in the numerous reports. All of the business practices that are being called into question have to do with the telecom services that have been provided to individuals residing in correctional facilities and their friends and family. In many cases, the services that individuals have been shortened, or overcharged, have not been clearly outlined for clients. Each of the service discrepancies has been outlined in extreme detail for consumers and regulators to scrutinize.

Securus was able to organize and release this report following several internal reports and auditing that was performed following reports. Most users become aware of the issues after paying in full for services that they believed they were paying for, only to later find out they had been overcharged. These wrongdoing articles are going to help change the practices that are used going forward, and to ensure that GLT provides all the services that customers have paid for in good faith. All of the press releases and articles detailing the wrongdoing will be released within six months of the initial report being submitted to the press for public release and publishing. GLT said it is working to correct each of the practices that have been outlined in the reports.

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Sanjay Shah Takes Over The Financial Market With Solo Capital.

Mr. Sanajay Shah is the Chief Executive Officer and the brains behind Solo Capital Markets, an international boutique financial services company. With its headquarters situated in London, England, Solo Capital Limited is regulated in the United Kingdom. Incorporated in 2011 by its CEO and owner Sanjay Shah, the company serves as an investment firm, a proprietary trader and also offers consultation services.
Mr. Shah was brought up in the United Kingdom after his parents relocated there from Kenya. Coming from a well-to-do family, Shah grew up in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods and had an opportunity of taking on the career of his choice. He pursued medicine, but after a while, he quit deciding that being a doctor was never his true calling. He pursued accounting and held some accounting roles in famous institutions such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch.
The financial crisis which struck in 2008 left Shah as one of the unfortunate victims that were retrenched by various banking institutions. Nonetheless, this impressive entrepreneur knew he was destined for great things, and he went ahead in starting what Solo Capital is now. The commencement of the company began in a tiny room which Shah rented in the outskirts of London. From these humble beginnings, Shah was successful in creating a large firm that employs thousands of people and owns its buildings.
Under his bold mentorship, Solo Capital has made its name on the global scene focusing its efforts in proprietary trading, professional sports investments and consolations. Mr. Shah is also the founder and president of Aesa S.a.r.l., which has control over Group Holdings and Solo Capital Partners subsequently. Shah has exercised hard work and commitment which has earned him success in opening up new ventures all across London. The British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Dubai, Malta and the Cayman Islands are just a few of over the tree dozen companies he claims ownership of.
Among his numerous and notable accomplishments is his Charitable Organization referred to as Autism Rocks. Shah came up with the organization in honor of his Son, who was unfortunately afflicted with the illness. Founded with the aid of Famous rapper ‘Snoop Dogg’, the organization focuses its efforts on creating awareness about autism and raising funds that fuel for the research about the illness.


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Provision Of Medicare Advantage Plans By InnovaCare Health

The Original Medicare covers majority of the people having Medicare. However, some people prefer to derive their benefits from Medicare Advantage Plans. It is imperative to note that Medicare Advantage Plans enters into a contract with the federal government. When an individual enrolls in a Medicare Advantage Plan, he or she is still covered by Medicare. This situation means that you will continue to pay for the Part B premium.

Different forms of plans have varying rules regarding where and how one can get coverage. It is possible for one to come across plans of similar types but offered by different companies at varying rules. To this end, it is prudent that one checks with a given plan directly in order to comprehend how such coverage functions. In most instances, Medicare Advantage Plans charge a higher price over and above the Medicare Part B Premium. One is eligible for Medicare Advantage Plan if he or she has a Medicare Parts A and B, lives within a service area covered by the plan and has an End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

If an individual has health coverage from his or her union or employer (former or current), then when he or she is eligible for Medicare, such an individual may be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan sponsored by the employer.

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About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health leads in the provision of healthcare services across North America. The company is committed to providing quality healthcare services through creating sustainable models that fully integrates advanced technologies. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to enhance healthcare management in such a way that it meets the challenge of the current intricate healthcare environment. InnovaCare has been able to register impressive success through its Medicare Advantage programs and its vast provider networks.

A team of well-educated and experienced professionals comprises the leadership of InnovaCare. Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of the company. Previously, he served as the chief medical officer and chief operating officer for the Medical Pathways management Company. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer. Penelope Kokkinides has previously served at Centerlight Healthcare as the chief operating officer and executive vice president. The other leaders are Christopher Joyce, Jonathan Meyers, Douglas Malton and Michael Sortino who are the general counsel, chief actuary officer, chief financial officer and chief accounting officer respectively.

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Keith Mann Awards the Creativity of an Entrepreneur

One thing that could be said about entrepreneurs is that the successful ones show a lot of creativity. Keith Mann is definitely interested in awarding the creativity of an entrepreneur with a scholarship. He has partnered with Uncommon Schools in order to put together a scholarship with his wife. The scholarship is known as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This is to give students a chance to finish college as they continue to develop their businesses. This scholarship will be awarded to one senior each year upon graduation. This will be given out at one of the Brooklyn-based high schools. Many students have the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. The winner of the scholarship will be awarded $5,000 towards their college tuition.

Keith Mann, himself is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners which was established in 2009. This was founded as an Alternative Investment Practice. Among the skills that Keith Mann has mastered in his 15 years of working in the executive search industry are staffing, hedge fund compensation, and financial management. After all, it takes money management in order to be able to achieve financial goals among others Keith Mann is especially skilled at money management.

This scholarship is definitely helpful for students that have a lot of promise in the business and marketing world. The students that apply for the scholarship are asked to write an essay that describes what they plan to do with their scholarship money as well as how a college degree will help them achieve their goals. Among the courses that students could take with their scholarships is business and marketing. Many of the professionals that are interested in starting their own business need to know how to market their business so that they can make profits. The scholarship allows them to take the classes needed to develop the skills needed to build a successful business venture.

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